Where’s the Mustard?

Can I just say I hate mosquitos? Seriously… I’ve never had much of a problem with them before, not even when I went to Tanzania. They just don’t like me… I may get bit once or twice if I’m particularly unlucky… 

But the other night I sat outside on the swing… and I’m covered. Seriously covered. Both arms (although one is worse, has about 20 bites on it), both legs, my back, my stomach, hands, feet… Its ridiculous. I don’t understand why they went after me like that. 

Poor Kalila has some too, thankfully not as many and most of hers are going away (she got bit before I did). Zavier has avoided getting bit at all thankfully. Of course he’s just not outside as much lol. I don’t think Baba’s had a problem with them either, but I could be wrong… 

Beyond all that.. We’re still adjusting to Kalila wanting to go to school. I was definitely more prepared this week… and got a few pics on Monday. That third one was the “butterfly” she drew.. she was very proud of it lol. 

Got some others the last time it rained (not today) too that I just love. 

And Zavier’s as cute as ever. Got some pics of him working on sitting up, “standing” and playing with his toys..

Plus a couple from earlier today. 

As you can see the kids are both doing well lol. 

Kalila is in this “princess” phase where she has to be in dresses (and calls them her princess dresses). Still gets just as messy as always, but has to be in a dress. She’s also stopped saying she wants to be a dr or midwife… Yesterday she told me she works in a school. I asked if she was a teacher and she said no, just a princess. 

And Zavier’s growing… working hard on trying to sit himself up lol. He loves his new play mat. “Talks” to us a lot more (the little baby sounds) and has started laughing too.. So cute. I need to get video’s, but batteries need recharging. I’ve been using my phone lately and the video on it won’t upload. 

Baba’s been working a crazy amount of overtime… and his days off changed to Tues/Weds. And I’m mostly trying to keep up with the kids lol. Trying to get the house unpacked still too… but mostly just chasing kids. And getting eaten alive of course..


2 thoughts on “Where’s the Mustard?

  1. Sole Sister says:

    Aww, the princess phase. How cute. I miss those days.Zavier is growing so big so fast, love the pic with him and your hubby.Mosquitoes are after you now because your blood hot sweeter, lol. I don't know, they love me.

  2. kim says:

    everyone has been saying the mosquitos are horrible everywhere this year. I also have been getting COVERED in bites as soon as I walk outside.

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