I know I know…

I’m horrible about changing things up.  I promise not to do any other major changes like this one anytime soon though.  Believe me just making this one took a lot of thought… I’ve actually had it going for months now I think. I didn’t post anything here beyond imported blogger posts, but it existed.


I held on to Blogspot for so long (and can’t bring myself to delete it either) because I started there and despite changing things up so much I really dislike change (yeah I know, makes no sense) and didn’t want to part with it. And I liked having more freedom to change up my backgrounds… The biggest reason to stay there was not wanting to make another change after that last one failed. I felt silly trying again. But… Blogger is missing a bunch of features that WordPress has that I really like.  Especially the ability to lock individual posts… and not requiring readers to create accounts in order to read those locked posts.  Which means if I go back and forth over privacy like I have been for the past year or so I won’t have to go back to making any major changes, I could do it in minutes. Reason enough to risk the switch.

I have no idea how many (or few) posts will be locked… I go back and forth on the picture issue. Family/friends I’ll email you the password I’ll use for anything like that.. So far nothing is up that has it, but I’m assuming it will happen at some point. MU friends, I’ll post my password for those soon too.  If anyone doesn’t get one of the passwords and wants it, please email or message me. I may have missed someone… Can’t promise anything lol, but I will get back with you. And hopefully they won’t be used very often anyway.

I also wanted my pages thing to make more sense. Blogger is just weird with them… they exist now but are just odd. Mine were rigged up to be a little easier, but I still couldn’t do what I wanted. Thankfully Zavier gave me some computer time (ie cluster feedings tonight) and I got a bit done on them here.  I got some ideas that I really liked, that I hope will make things easier, for family especially.  Mainly, up on top you’ll see a Family Update link.  I have us all listed on there (well there’s also a section for past pg updates lol) and all our major updates will be copied over to a page and linked there.  So anyone who doesn’t want to go through the whole blog can still keep up with us… you’d miss the cute little stories and most of the pictures, but still. Note: These are some of the things I’ve considered adding passwords to. It also made my links section a lot easier to go through.

I’m also gonna try to keep my page less cluttered, maybe make a page for the buttons. Sometimes they’re needed for giveaways and there’s a few (like the ban the bleach and NIP ones) that I feel strongly enough about to not want to lose. That will probably happen over time like the rest of the blog has… Thankfully, despite what I thought when I first looked at WordPress back when I started blogging, this site is very easy to use and in the little time I’ve been on it I’ve gotten a lot done.


2 thoughts on “I know I know…

  1. Keith says:

    I’ve been negligent in my blog writing and reading this summer, but I’m still keeping up! I’ll follow you, wherever you go, just as long as you don’t start charging! 🙂 I do like the current layout you have going right now.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Aww thanks! Don’t worry no plans to charge lol. Looking to seeing more posts from you again when you do, but understood.. from what I’ve seen on FB it sounds like you’ve been pretty busy.

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