Just Life

Back to business 🙂

I’m not entirely sure I’m gonna keep the post schedule the way it is right now or not… for one thing family is gonna have a lot more posts than once a week I’m sure. Doesn’t really matter though because I just have it to give me ideas and make sure I don’t get stuck in ruts too often. Is pretty easy to have happen… I’ve seen it happen to me a few too many times lol.

I am sticking to it today though lol. Just kinda works out…prob only because its the one it is.

Anyways, I’m rambling and probably headed more towards babbling at this point lol.

We are all doing great.

Baba is off tomorrow and the next day. I really hope he doesn’t end up having to do over-time… as it stands now he isn’t. Not complaining about him doing over-time lately, in most ways its a good thing. But he’s tired, the kids miss him, I miss him. Days off will be nice… I don’t think he’s had one, or a full one anyway, since the schedule change.

Me… I’m doing good too. Have a bit of a headache at the moment lol, but other than that everything is great for the most part. I’ve gotten a lot done lately around here (house not blog, although that applies too) so I feel productive at the moment. I have had a lot on my mind lately but I guess its kinda helped because I’m trying to keep it off some of that and working does that lol.

Kalila is Kalila lol. She had a pretty big setback with the potty training.. last week? Everything is blurred together lol. She’s been better the past couple days though, not great but better. She’s still being incredibly sweet w/ her brother. I love how good she is with him. Yes we do have to warn her not to be too rough… about a million times a day lol. But she just loves him. And like we thought she is loving living so close to Gido. She gets so excited about seeing him and talks about it every time she does or hears him.  Oh.. and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but she’s also developing this little mischievous habit. Ok so its always been there, but its growing lol. The other day she locked Baba out of the house!

Zavier… Oh my goodness he’s growing! I think I mentioned most of what he’s doing lately the other day, but its still adorable. I really need to get a video of his little laugh. I just love it. The other day I was playing around asking him if he could say mama and every time I asked him he laughed at me.  I heard a happy squeal the other day too. I love seeing him awake more too… How interested he is in everything. Keeps me even more busy, but that’s ok lol. On the other side… he’s also starting to have little periods where he’s crying and we can’t figure out why. The whole walking the floor thing has started happening. Luckily its not continuing for too long, but I still feel bad for him.

The cats. Hey I can’t leave them out! LOL No, nothing big w/ either of them. Kalila told me earlier that Kimosimi is her cat brother though.

Beyond that…

My family reunion is coming up this weekend. Thankfully we are gonna get to go… We missed it last year, just stunk not getting to go. I think I’ve missed twice in my life now… the other time I was on my way back from Africa lol. Or maybe I was still there… Something like that. I didn’t mind so much that year ;-), but last year was different. Oh well… I can’t wait to go see everyone. From what I understand this year is the First Annual Truck Stop Olympics.. which should be fun lol. In past years we’ve had the “Not So Newlywed Game” and the “Woman-less Bikini Competition”… So you can just imagine. Its fun though.

Now.. If only Zavier will let me up again… I finally got dinner finished and of course he decides he’s hungry again. I really hope this turned out good… kind of experimented. Mac & Cheese (although its not mac, its the twirly ones) w/ turkey bacon and collard greens.  Odd my fingers are burning now… Like I got pepper on them. I did use jalapenos, but that was this morning lol.


2 thoughts on “Just Life

  1. Salma says:

    So I am on this page, lol. I always just visited the other one. I am catching on (slowly but surely).

    It’s a good thing hubby will be home if you’ve got a headache…I hope it goes away though so you can have family time.

    Kalila will get back on schedule with her potty training (don’t worry)

    Family reunion? Never had or been to one. I can’t wait to read about it.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      No I actually didn’t have the links up or anything until I fully decided to switch. I’ve been bouncing around the idea for a long time but hadn’t done more than move posts over until the other night.

      I’m hoping the headache won’t be back… but if it does, it is definately a good thing he’s home.

      Not worried about Potty Training. We’ve been pretty laid back about it for the most part… Diapers don’t bother me at all and she’ll do it when she’s ready.

      Family reunions are interesting lol. I’ve been to several for diff parts of my family..this is the only one that happens regularly and its crazy. Fun though… I can’t wait.

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