Soap Nuts

Yes I know, soap nuts just sound strange right? For those of you who don’t know what they are… they’re a dried fruit that is used to clean with. Short version obviously, but still. That’s the basic idea. As you can imagine they’re very eco friendly… and they’re supposed to be very good for those w/ sensitive skin or other skin issues, cloth diapers, etc. 

I was gonna wait a bit longer to review the package I got from Eco Nuts, but since someone asked.. I’m moving it up a bit. Honestly I think I could do one now anyway… 

I like them. 

The price scared me a little at first, but looking at Eco Nuts website.. esp w/ their laundry club, they actually cost less than Tide (going off the price at the HEB we were at the other day lol) – if you use them in cold water or do most of your laundry in cold like we do. Diapers are about the only thing we use hot for. Its about even if you do all hot washes… I don’t know how it compares price wise to the cheaper detergents because I only caught a glance at what was closest to the aisle when we passed by the other day and that was Tide obviously.. but looking at my notes here, if you do all cold washes then its equal to my home-made stuff price wise.  That is not bad. 

And it washes great. There’s no artificial scents, so if you like that then you do need to add something to the wash. Personally those things bother me. We had a little Purex left when we moved and that stuff just about got me… I can’t stand the smell anymore. I like the actual clean smell a lot better. 

They’re easy to use… Just put a few soap nuts in the bags they come with, tie it closed and toss it in with the wash. If you’re done washing clothes after then hang it up to dry, if not… leave it in and continue with the next load. They say you can add them to your compost or whatever after they’re done. I’m still on my first “bag” of them… 

I actually cut out a whole cycle from my diaper wash. I still do the cold/no detergent rinse cycle before washing, but before I had to do at least one wash after using detergent to make sure it was all out. No need with these… and they can be used to strip diapers if you normally use something else.. Found that out while looking something else up lol.  

I was also given a bottle of the liquid version. I have not tried it yet.  Will do another post when I do. 

Very glad I won this package though… as much as I enjoy making laundry detergent (seriously I do lol), for some reason its not melting completely here at the new place. I’ve even tried heating water to melt it in.. anyways I’d stopped using it awhile back and was using our “diaper detergent” (SunHarvest brand.. identical to Planet) instead because it was being such a pain. Joking w/ Baba now that I want to grow one of these trees when we have our dream home and “make” our detergent that way. 😀 Not sure that would really work, but I can dream right?

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