Just Sayin’…

I’ve probably said it before, but setting up the “schedule” I didn’t feel right jumping in without repeating myself here.

I’m opinionated lol. Very much so. I talk about my interests here along w/ all the fun (or not so fun sometimes) family updates/pictures/etc.  Some of those interests I feel very strongly about…

However.. they are my opinions and me sharing them in no way is bashing anyone for believing differently.

I’m not telling anyone what to do or believe.  I’m just writing what I’m passionate about.. if that makes someone think, that’s great (no matter if they end up agreeing or not).

This applies to just about every subject I put on my “schedule” but I post this today for a reason. I’ve seen people get very upset very easily on this one.  I’ve had my own words twisted around once or twice. Not fun.. I really don’t see how any of the posts I have in my head could have that happen to right now, but you never know lol.

That being said… I would appreciate the same respect in the comments section. Disagree with me if you want. Feel free to comment about that if you want. I actually like that because those comments make me think and we can all learn from stuff like that… But be nice. Not saying any of you wouldn’t be, but we all know it happens.  We’ve all seen it happen.

Now to get a picture of a cute little bum in a brand new Rumparooz. I’m hoping to do a post on it later today… I told you I wasn’t doing anything I could see that happening too anytime soon lol.


3 thoughts on “Just Sayin’…

  1. Angela says:

    Well said. Makes me sad that we have to actually disclose these sort of things when it seems like common sense.

    BTW, loving the new blog home!

    • Mama Kalila says:


      And I think its sad too… but I’ve seen it happen on other blogs. I’ve seen it happen on mine to an extent And I’ve had it happen both in person and on other forums quite a bit. Apparently having an opinion, if different, gets taken as bashing. It drives me insane. But not expressing opinions doesn’t really work for me lol. Besides that would get ridiculous at some point. I’d end up with nothing to say…

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