Too Cute Rumparooz

So excited the last package came in a couple days ago… Unfortunately it does mean I have no more fun mail coming. Sad… but nice to have those last two things.

As I mentioned before I was very excited about the Rumparooz in general because it looked adorable online. It is..

See… adorable right?

Not just cute, but the material is soft, feels a bit different than most of the pocket diapers I’ve seen.  The inside is almost as soft as the Katydid’s. Like the RearZ it has gussets, but these are inner gussets. Look a little odd but I like the idea of it… we’ll see how they work.

The inserts can be done 6 different ways. They have a hemp insert, but that’s not what they come with. I kind of wish they did because we have a heavy wetter. As you can see, these snap together similarly to the Rearz… but these have several options to make the 6 different styles or whatever. I like that there is one for boys and one for girls. When the diaper is snapped this small it doesn’t really work that way though lol.

And of course I had to get pics of Zavier in it… I know its an odd angle but he got upset when Baba tried to take a picture a few minutes before lol.

So how well do they work? Keep in mind that I’ve only used it one night lol… I

t seems to be very comfortable on him overnight. Didn’t bother his poor bum. He woke up w/ no leaks, but I can’t say none happened at all because before I could get him changed he wiggled it down a little (not on tight enough?) and got a little wet on his back. His wiggleing also got part of the insert out of the pocket lol. I think I need to reevaluate how it was stuffed (make sure the flap is down).

The inner gussets… seem like a good idea, but I really don’t know that they did anything.  TMI alert: but his poo was to one side in the diaper and went over the gusset. It did not come out of the diaper though. I wonder if that had anything to do with his wiggling action again, but we’ll see as we use it more.

And on a slightly different note, I actually wished I waited a little longer to change him lol. Just as soon as I got the diaper off he had a major poo explosion. Sooooo gross!!!!

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