What Happened? (with update)

Seriously I thought I had a week until the reunion.. A WEEK.

Nope… We leave tomorrow night lol.

I have no idea what to wear to it… I usually put a lot of thought into that, but the main things I’d want to wear are out because they aren’t exactly easy to nurse Zavier in.

The kids and Baba will be a little easier to pack for thankfully lol.  But I’ve gotta get to that.

I’ve got a few last minute things to get done around here before we can leave. Thankfully its not that much and pretty easy to do.

I also have a pie to make… Lucky Baba gets to wait until we’re there to do the salad, but I’m not sure if I should make my part here or there or what. I’m thinking I’m gonna do that blueberry/strawberry pie I posted about awhile back. It was too good and very easy to make.

We have to find the auction items.. I haven’t even thought about what to get for that.

Diapers. I need to wash diapers. Not sure if I should do that tonight so they have plenty of time to dry, or wait until the morning so I can wash the pocket he’s gonna wear tonight. We’re only staying one night so having 3 (if I count the RearZ) pockets should be more than enough… I only use them at night and its rare he needs a second one. Kinda thinking I want to do pockets on the drive too though because its 3 hours. We will stop, but still… :-/  Decisions decisions.

Awww… and Zavier just said “Hi”.  I know it was a coo but still too cute. Now that he’s full I should change his diaper and see if I can get him on his mat again. I could have gotten the best video yesterday if my batteries hadn’t died again. He was kicking one of the rattles and talking to the frog lol.

Edit: I got one! And he laughed at the end of it.. Sorry its kinda long lol.

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