Pearly Diapers?

No, not really lol… but I’m combining several posts in one because (as always) there’s some good giveaways going on.

First off, Cam at A Woman’s Place is giving away a free Rosary Bracelet. A pearl one in honor of her brand new baby girl. Congrats again Cam!

Now I know I don’t exactly need a new rosary bracelet as much as diapers lol, but I absolutely love them and hers are gorgeous. But if I don’t win hopefully one of you will 🙂

Diapers… Of course there are diaper giveaways! I’m good at finding them lately lol.

Liz Has a Life is doing a giveaway for a Katydid diaper right now. A Katydid! Yes I’m excited. I’m stalking blogs looking for those in particular lately lol. Anyways, she did a really good review of them. A little more in depth than mine was… of course she really did it after using it, and I don’t think I’ve gotten to that yet. I don’t remember. Anyways definately worth checking out if you’d like to try a Katydid (I recommend it).

My New Life As… Mom is doing a Bummas wipe giveaway. I about did a happy dance over this one too. We haven’t justified buying new wipes when we can use our baby washcloths, but with sensitive skin running rampant we’ve really considered it.

My New Life As… Mom also has a SoftBums giveaway going. They have a chocolate colour…. Sorry I just love the dark brown diapers and we have none lol. No most of the ones we’ve bought just don’t come in it.

The Eco Cheap Mom is doing a SmartiPants giveaway. I have not tried these diapers, but she gave it a good review.

Mummies Review’s also has a diaper giveaway… for a whole set of Bouncy Baby diapers and bag! I’m loving that one because there’s a hemp insert that is included and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I have a heavy wetter here?

Monkey Tales is giving away soap nuts or liquid soap nuts from Maggies Pure Land. As I’ve said recently, I’m loving my soap nuts so that excited me. I like that the liquid version has Lavendar and TTO too.

I’m sure I could find more, but I’m tired lol. Good luck!


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