Turman Reunion 2010

Uggh I wish I had gotten pictures, but I didn’t. I hope I can get copies from some of the people who did though. The reunion was a lot of fun…

We were supposed to get there Friday night for chips and dip, margaritas and swimming… but Baba got off late and then we had trouble finding an auction item at WM (we found one easily but wanted to take 2… ended up sticking w/ the one lol) so it was way later than we meant to be leaving and we got in at 1:30 or so in the morning.

We forgot several things I meant to pack – the sleepy wrap, cosleeper, and pack n play. So I thought it was gonna be a rough night… But they gave us a King sized bed (whoo hoo) and brought in a role a way for Kalila. Now she still sleeps with us more nights than not (it goes in waves) but she went crazy over that thing. At one point I did catch her asleep at my feet, but she moved back to the other bed a bit later too. Zavier did great… He even slept on his back!!! It hit me the next morning (or after we got up) that he does that when we have him on the actual bed just about every time… the pack n play or sleeper he refuses (normally.. I actually got him to sleep on his back in the sleeper last night), but he seems fine w/ it on the bed. Strange lol.  Anyways, point being I got a lot more sleep than I thought I would.

Backing up a little.. We had Kalila use the potty before leaving. She’d had a great day so far… but I was figuring the trip would be rough w/out diapers. Nope… she went before we left. Went at Junction. Then again as soon as we got to the motel. She did great Friday. So excited.

We got up, had breakfast and went over to the party barn thing.

Kalila immediately ran for the kids and kept going on about seeing her cousins. She followed them around most of the day, painted, coloured, played ball… just had a blast. She learned a new word… told one of my cousins that her “britches” were falling. LOL

We got a chance to visit with everyone of course. Was nice seeing everyone. I was about to say almost none of them had met Zavier yet, but that’s wrong lol.. none of them had.

I should have made my pie before we left. I forgot about the oven there… is awful. Its there, but still… eeek. Next year I cook here lol. My poor pie was burnt all around the edges before it was even halfway cooked.The rest of the food was great though. Baba gave me a hard time because I stuck my foot in my mouth and said his salad was good this time… He knows its always good, so wasn’t what I meant lol. Someone brought deviled eggs and Kalila went nuts w/ those… I was just happy to see my cousins broccoli rice casserole lol. I’ll stop talking about food though 🙂 Making myself hungry again.

The entertainment this year was the First Annual Truck Stop Olympics. There were 4 teams… and Baba ended up being captain of one… which meant I was on a team too (lol no complaints it was fun being involved and I was kinda hoping too anyway).  We got to pick names, had trouble coming up with one and finally decided we’d be “The A Team” lol. The others were “The Next Best Thing”, “The Mother Truckers” and “The Grease Monkey’s”.   We had 4 events.. One where 3 members from each team had to toss water bottles at a table underhanded and get them to land standing up w/out sliding off. The second (so gross and I was one of the 3 from my team who had to do it) we had to sit at a table w/ 3 paper plates in front of us, one with Vaseline on it, one w/ cotton balls, and one empty. We had to stick our noses in the first and pick up the cotton balls from the other and deposit them on the third… no hands. The third was a relay race w/ a boiled egg… 4 members had to roll it across a finish line, pick it up and run it back to the next.. w/out touching the egg.. they had to fan it with a food tray thing. The last one was another relay race w/ a ride on nini, sitting and using feet to move. Baba flew off his and the end of his round and rolled across the ground, was pretty funny to watch. I so wish I’d had my camera out!  And who won the Olympics this year?  The A Team 😀  – I credit it to us having a little 3 month old mascot lol.  Oh, before we started (I can’t forget this was too funny seeing the reactions, esp the mens) everyone was told that anyone who did not participate would have to breastfeed the baby.  Note: I was not the one to announce (or come up with) that of course lol.

There was a silent auction again this year and we ended up bringing home an all weather blanket that Baba’s very excited about.  Kalila tried to bid on a frog too lol. Got a pen and started scribbling on the paper.

I wish we could have stayed the night again, but we couldn’t.  Its ok though, I’m just glad we got to go period. We left a bit after the auction was over… and had a pretty uneventful trip unless you count being attacked by a cricket that got in the truck.

3 thoughts on “Turman Reunion 2010

  1. Katharine says:

    sleeping question for you….how do you fit Zavier IN the co-sleeper? I bought one from amazon when Cole was 6 weeks old…stuck him in it…saw that as soon as he grew another inch it wouldn’t even work for him anymore…and sent it back to amazon…lol. But I can’t figure out a safe way to keep him on the bed (king size) with the comforter and pillows on it…and when he starts rolling i don’t want him to roll off of it…lol…it there something else you use to make the bed safe when he doesn’t sleep in the co-sleeper?

    • Mama Kalila says:

      He fits just fine… Which kind do you have an how long was he at birth? Zavier is now around 25 inches and he still fits in his just fine… if he scoots down a little then his legs sometimes go over the edge (I should get a pic lol) but he scrunches them up a lot too so they don’t always… and if he’s at the top he can straighten out w/ a little room to spare.

      As far as co-sleeping safely without one. We have our bed (also a King size) up in the corner of the room so its against two walls. That helps some… I check every night to make sure its tight against the wall and nowhere for him to get stuck and that the sheets are pulled tight. I put him in between me and the wall and make sure there are no pillows near him. Now.. usually I try to put him in the sleeper, but he does fight it a lot so sometimes he sleeps between me and it. Honestly I’m more comfortable if he’s between me and the wall than that… Anyways… I tuck the comforter around me (have teh edge of it under me instead of allowing it to completely cover the bed. I also don’t keep it too high either. Oh and I do all that even when he’s in the sleeper too for a couple reasons. One he may be pulled out to nurse at night and not make it back in lol.. and because at some point he’ll learn to roll out of it even with its sides. Kalila did that very very early (under a month old lol) once. I’ve seen him get close, but so far he hasn’t made it out.

      On the trip we were a little more restricted by it being a motel and the bed was in the middle… so we put him in between us. I threw off most of the pillows, we each had one and I don’t think I ended up using mine (I don’t really like to very often, it ended up on the other side of me). I somehow rigged the blanket so it was no where near him either lol. Is kinda hard to explain but it just wasn’t near him despite covering us.

      Oh and there are bed rails you can get if you need to as well 🙂 And some people put the mattress on the floor..

  2. Katharine says:

    I forget the name of what kind it was..lol. (i’ll send you a pic) He was 21 1/4 at birth..and about 23 inches when I got the co-sleeper….and for the most part loves having his legs straight. I got that nap nanny thing and stuck it on the bed…but now twice i have woken up with him getting sideways in it and his head hanging off the side:/

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