What a Day… and a Big Girl

Kalila never fails to surprise me and today wasn’t any different.  I’m sure I’m gonna miss half of this, but the ones that really stuck out.

  • She told me a story this morning about Zavier stealing her yoyo yesterday and that she was disappointed. Then she went on about how he’d never seen a yoyo before. Note: She does not have one either lol.
  • She just told Baba that he makes her heart feel super happy.
  • Awww.. and now she just told me the same thing.
  • She ran across the house this morning yelling “I gotta go potty” over and over.  And yes.. she did.
  • She tried to get Baba to sit in the cart at Sams with her.
  • I saw some Dora and Boots cupcakes and tried to tell Baba w/out her knowing what it was. Spelled out Dora and Boots and then said cup… and Kalila looked at me and said “cup cakes, they’re cup cakes. Dora cupcakes.  She did not see those things, she couldn’t have.
  • She told us C makes a kuh sound and then that cat starts with c.

I’m not going to list this one w/ those because it was definitely not cute… or nice in any way. She bit Zavier this morning. His finger (maybe whole hand, but I think just the finger). I woke up to him screaming/crying and her pulling away. She admitted what she did right away… but got mad when she got in trouble. Baba put her in her room and she started screaming. After a bit the little sneak started yelling that she wanted to tell him she’s sorry. She did, but I think she thought that would get her out of trouble lol. Thankfully he was ok, didn’t take too long to get him calmed down.

Now… a few pictures from today.

If you’re wondering about the last two… They’re of a onsie we found in the truck. Had forgotten it… and it was covered in caterpillars. Yes.. caterpillars! They’ve since been moved lol, and its gonna go in the next round of laundry so he can wear it before its too small.

3 thoughts on “What a Day… and a Big Girl

  1. kim says:

    did the heart happy comment come from kai-lan? sofia loves that show and she says that too about her heart neing happy…lol

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