Milkies… A Partial Review

Awhile back I mentioned that we bought Milkies. I didn’t realize that I was still putting off a review until someone mentioned them in a comment on another blog lol.

Obviously I love the idea of them. Like most nursing mothers I can’t stand wasting milk. These things sounded great. I couldn’t wait to try it out.

So we bought one and I pulled it out to look at it… Its a little awkward/bulky, but its supposed to hold milk so I can get past that lol. There is no way it can be used discretely like it says though. People will know you’re wearing the thing.  So any idea of me wearing it out flew out the window, but at home… I can store up some milk. Great.

Then I finally got to try it… I didn’t have anything to connect the  milk bags with so I decided to use it without one since its supposed to work either way.  Things were going great… and then several ounces of milk (I was almost to the point of taking it out and storing the milk) exploded all down my shirt.  I about cried lol. I cleaned everything up and tried again, figuring I’d done something wrong… but it wouldn’t collect at all after that, not sure why. Nothing looks wrong with it.

I bought rubber bands so I could try it w/ the bags, but honestly I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I started to one day and got distracted. I’m hoping that ends up working out and makes the thing worth the purchase.  Like I said, I like the idea… I want it to work lol.


2 thoughts on “Milkies… A Partial Review

  1. deltaflute says:

    So would you say that’s its not for big leakers? sorry about the mentioning. I assumed that since you made mention of them to me a while back that you used them and liked them. But you know what they say about assume. It makes an a** out of u and me. Lol

    • Mama Kalila says:


      Honestly I can’t say yet. I can say big leakers should not use it without a bag connected to it… unless mine was just faulty, but I’m assuming not (lol) because I’ve since seen reviews saying they had the exact same problem. Just one or two but it makes me think it doesn’t work well on its own for those of us who leak a lot… odd since that’s who it seems to be intended for.

      As soon as I’ve used it a few times w/ a bag I will write another review of that part… and hopefully can answer your question then.

      And don’t worry about it, honestly I was putting this off and out of mind. This has brought it back.. .not a bad thing.

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