Time w/ my Boy

Baba & Kalila went out this morning and I got a little alone time w/ Zavier. He slept for the first bit and then decided to stay up probably the longest stretch he has yet. We actually had trouble getting him to take a nap…  Finally got him down and he’s still out.

Anyways, here’s a pic and a couple video’s I got while I had the chance!

Oh btw, he did not roll by himself between the two video’s lol. I stopped it to help him… He can do it, but doesn’t on his mat. He likes his toys too much I think lol. I need to get a video of him on the bed or pack n play so you can see it though. Too cute. I think there was something else I was gonna mention, but can’t remember. Oh well!


2 thoughts on “Time w/ my Boy

  1. kim says:

    cute. what a big boy he is!

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