12 Weeks & Unexplainable Accidents

So yesterday Kalila had an accident. I can’t even really tell you how it happened despite being there and looking right at her when it happened. I have no clue… it makes no sense. One second she was opening a drawer… not even very enthusiastically, just opening it… and the next the dresser was on top of her of sorts (she was trying to hold it up and doing a pretty good job) and everything that was on top of it was on the other side of her… without having hit her.

Scared the living daylights out of me.  I had Zavier at the time and went running to put him down and help her out. Thankfully she was not hurt at all…  Only thing that was, was a dvd.. one of her favourites but I don’t care about that.. as long as she’s ok! She said her foot hurt at first, looked like she stubbed her toe, but while Baba and I were talking about him coming home and taking her to the dr she started running around and jumping on it.  Looks like it scared me & Baba more than her.

The upside (because I have to find one) is that I’m finally getting anchors for the thing like I’ve been wanting from the beginning.  Note to anyone else stubborn who might be reading this… just because your lucky and your kid doesn’t climb and the thing looks sturdy and you consistently check that its not doing anything funky does not mean something crazy might not happen and suggesting an anchor does not make one paranoid. Sorry I’ll be nice now. It just scared me pretty bad… Scared Baba too when I told him. And to be fair it wasn’t allowed (the anchors) at the other place… I think that’s stupid and should have been a rule broken but still… Oh well we’re here now and it can get done and will now.

On a slightly more pleasant note… Zavier is 12 weeks old today. Which meant a trip to the pedi for the next two vaccinations. He got the liquid one first and then a shot.  He did pretty good. Didn’t spit out a bit of the first.. and only cried a few seconds after the shot.  And didn’t bite me this time thankfully lol.  What I’m still pretty excited about from the trip was that we didn’t have to pay for the visit like we thought we would. That was one of the reasons we didn’t do something similar w/ Kalila.. we figured it was worth it this time, but it ending up being a non issue is great.

Since it was just a shot visit there’s no weights or anything, but I did weigh him at home yesterday out of curiosity… 14 lbs 6 oz.  😀  Just over a pound from last month so he’s doing great.


4 thoughts on “12 Weeks & Unexplainable Accidents

  1. kim says:

    we have had our share accidents too…too many actually. you are not the only one! glad she is ok.

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