I See A Fight Coming…

I remember thinking that last night when Uncle Trevor brought over some toys from his aunt.

One of them is this little stuffed Tigger… it plays music when you squeeze it and is pretty cute. We have the Eeyore too. When Kalila was a little older than Zavier we went to WM one day and saw it… she did too and would not let go of the thing. It was her favourite toy for the longest time.

So she saw the Tigger last night and went crazy for it… and as soon as the music played Zavier’s head turned straight towards it. Which is why I was thinking that…

So tonight… I don’t know if it was the shot from yesterday or teething or what, but he’s having this horrible evening. Screaming, screaming and more screaming. I tried everything. Walking with him helped a bit, but not much. He wouldn’t latch on, he wouldn’t lay down, diaper change, teething gel (Hylands), etc… I tried everything I could think of. I even broke into one of the bags I have put away and found this little teething thing that looks like a pacifier (has raspberry in the name, the “nipple” looks like one, all bumpy for chewing on) to see if that would help. Nothing. So I had him laying down again and got the toy… and he grabbed ahold of it… Unfortunately it didn’t help for long, but did for a few minutes at a time and mostly just when it was playing… and Kalila got mad. Kept saying it was her toy. She’s usually so good about sharing. Even lets him “play” with her baby dolls. But she flipped over this one. I was right…

I did finally get him to nurse again.. and he’s now asleep in the pack n play. Back with the Tigger lol.

If you’re wondering about Kalila…

Well right now she’s asleep on the floor next to Zavier’s Pack n Play. I think she was worried about him too.. pulled her stuff into the living room and stretched out. I need to get her moved, but not looking forward to it. She’s getting too big for me lol.

She scared me, again, this afternoon too. She fell asleep in the tub. It was just long enough for her head to droop forward and get water in her nose, which of course woke her up. She cried, I was more than a little freaked. I thought something was wrong at first because (besides the obvious) all the sudden she looked out of it… was asking her questions and stuff… and her eyes kept closing while I was doing that and getting her out. I got her dry and between that and taking her temp (she felt warm to me, but that’s normal as was her temp) she woke up more. A few minutes later Gido called and asked to take her out… She was wide awake and ready to go by that point. I was gonna have her nap, but prob better that she got out… She fell asleep on the way back, woke up when we put her to bed and was running around like normal until a few min ago.  I’m guessing that she’s just overly tired because she hardly got any sleep last night. For some reason she just refused too… was laying down the whole time (not fighting me to play or anything), but wide awake. Then went nuts when Uncle Trevor came in. I think she finally fell asleep about 1:30 or 2.. and then was up at 7:3o like normal.

Thinking back over this last week its been more than a little crazier than normal lol.. .I’m hoping next week is a little duller… I’ll take boring right now thank you lol.


2 thoughts on “I See A Fight Coming…

  1. Salma says:

    Oh my Goodness,

    I had a “uh huh’ moment (teething, changes in the weather, little baby growing pains maybe…
    a really freaked moment…in the bath she falls asleep? It must be soothing or something.
    He looks completely adorable sleeping with that Tigger, and Kalila definitely sounded extra tired.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah, so many things can cause the fussy thing. I felt bad for him though… is so hard when they’re upset and that little. The tub thing was awful. I know the warm water is soothing, I nearly fell asleep in the tub a few days before lol… big reminder about how easy it is for something to happen in there though. Reinforced the whole me paranoid about water thing lol.

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