Sarah’s Key

I finally got a chance to read a new book for the first time in… months? Not complaining, really haven’t had the time lol. It was nice though…

Anyways, we were at Target the other day & I was looking at the books… not the best idea normally because I will find something that interests me and this was no different. I ended up picking up “Sarah’s Key” by Tatiana De Rosnay.

Now I knew it probably wasn’t gonna be this light-hearted book or anything. Not at all. Part of it was set during WW2. The description on the back mentions a girl (Sarah) being taken by the French Police as they were arresting Jews. So I knew it was gonna be hard (at least in parts), but it included a mystery and mentioned romance… Honestly the mystery part hooked me more than anything.

It was definitely interesting. Very well written. But… horribly sad. There’s not words to describe how disturbing parts of this book were.  Worse since the main event in it (the Vel’ d’Hiv’) really happened. Basically (wont let out more than what you could get from the back because it is somewhat a mystery and would not be cool to give away anything) its about a journalist who ends up researching it, and at the same time a girl who lived through it. At the end of the book there’s a section where the author is asked about the journalist and she mentions giving the journalist her own horror at learning about it. I was not surprised by that at all, her reaction was a little too real. Made for a good book, but one that is very hard to read.

I wanted something serious though… so I got what I asked for (and then some).


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