Hmmm… Maybe my post should be about good old St. Expiditus lol.

No seriously if I don’t jump in and write one, I’ll never do it (and in which case I should take it off my schedule, but since I haven’t done that I need to… babbling sorry). Honestly I’m not sure what to write… drawing a blank. Not a feeling I like either.

So for now I’m gonna cheat and point you to a blog I found recently that I just adore. I would so love to do some of these things…  Its called Catholic Cuisine and has all kinds of recipes to do for different feast days and stuff. I just love stuff like that.  This one right here actually had me about to pester Baba for a Starbucks trip lol… we were rushed to get to Ozona at the time though so I missed out. Rats! I’m so making that next year though 😉  or maybe even before.  Apparently all the ones I want to do have already passed by lol. Just found Mandazi on there for St. Charles Lwanga’s feast day. I keep meaning to make those things (just to make them because I love the things)…  OK I need to stop looking on there, I’m getting hungry & I just finished eating.

Oh and if anyone has any ideas, feel free to pass them along.


One thought on “Procrastinating…

  1. […] couple years ago or so I posted about ZJ and St. Expiditus.  Long story short, he was due on St. Expiditus’ Feast Day… the patron saint of […]

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