Another Round…

Of giveaways…

I’m excited about this one… I really am. My New Life as… Mom just did a review/giveaway for a diaper sprayer! In the apartment we were fine w/out one… our shower head could be held over the toilet for the same effect. That is not possible here. Since Kalila is now basically potty trained (no diapers in at least 2 weeks) its not an issue yet… but when Zavier starts solids in a few months or so we’re gonna start wishing we had this!

Fitteds and Pockets and Snappis, Oh My! has one going for 2 of the new Bum Genius 4.0.  Now I’m not the biggest BG fan, but these are new and I am curious… and they’d be free.  I like the way she said what colours the two diapers will be too. Cute.

Familylicious has another one I’m excited about… Thirsties Duo Wrap review/giveaway. No we don’t need another one… but I like them and another wouldn’t hurt, besides she’s giving colour/print choice and the prints didn’t come out until after I’d ordered the ones we have lol.

Familylicious is also doing a Fuzzibuns one. I’ve never tried those so that would be nice.

Haute Tot and Baby Couture (I love their name lol) has one for Cooshy Toosh. Which I’ve never heard of, but its got a Nite Nite diaper which intrigues me.

Mom to Bed by 8 has one for Bummas wipes. The He’s All Boy – Bummas Wipes Review and Giveaway sponsored by Bummas of course. I’ve entered a giveaway for these before so I wasn’t sure if this was the one or not. Wasn’t lol.

Ok… enough entering diaper contests.. time to go change one instead!


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