Almost There

Little update on how things are going here… I’ve finally got most of the unpacking done! So excited…  Seriously have to thank Tia Sallie because I was getting a little frustrated with it (lol there we go again) towards the end yesterday and she helped me finish up. Huge help.  After they left I got the floor mopped and pretty much crashed early (for me). I still have a few little things to do, like add in the books that I missed and stuff like that. I should be doing that now but I’m enjoying the peace and quiet. Kalila decided to nap! Its on the floor next to her brothers pack n play, but still. Nap. Whoo hoo!

Before I go let me get the camera and I’ll share what’s done so far (and sleeping kids). And then I really need to get those things I mentioned and then back to work in the kitchen/dining room while I can. Thankfully that’s not that big a deal since we have already unpacked all of that lol. Just straightening up 🙂


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