First Test Cake…

Kalila’s birthday is coming up… still a couple months away but def time to start working on what we’re gonna do. I already have the theme set and the idea for what the cake looks like set. Have for awhile. Started looking at recipes lately though.

I found this Zucchini Carrot Cake recipe a few days ago. Orange and green are two of the main colours I’m using to begin with so  it sounded perfect. Kalila got excited about it too. Slight problem in making it though… First off I thought it was a recipe w/ agave instead of sugar… its not. So I went to sub it out and realized that the agave is still missing. So I decided to use honey… a little easier to get the amount that way and all seemed great until I realized I forgot to use less oil. Oops. Thankfully it still set and while a little more moist than I want, it doesn’t taste bad at all. I’m not sure I want to stick with all the spices that are in the original recipe (I did use most of them today), will prob experiment with that when I start working on the real test cakes (this was just to make sure it didn’t taste bad, didn’t completely decorate it).

I was going to make this cream cheese icing to go on top (and between it and the fondant when I get going for real) but once agian no agave, so I used this one instead. Yeah no… It was horrible! Thankfully Kalila doesn’t seem to mind. But… Blech.

Didn’t get a pic until it was cut, but I guess that works out so you might be able to see the colour lol. I only used whole wheat, not the mix so mine was a bit darker than the one on the recipe page.


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