How could I forget I was gonna post this the other day!!!! Kalila just reminded me when she asked to to build her a robot doggie a sec ago.

Kalila had us rolling the other day.

First off she picked up a book w/ baby Grover on it and told us that it wasn’t Grover, it was Zoidberg. Baba was proud…

Then… we were eating and I had a thing of blue cheese dressing. Kalila asked for some of my ranch and this followed:

Me – Its not ranch, its blue cheese.

Kalila – It doesn’t look blue!

Which of course set us all off laughing.. during which time Kalila asked for a blue crayon, shoved it in my face and told me that was blue.  More laughing.

And speaking of cute… Zavier is sitting here “talking” up a storm to a little stuffed lion. Its adorable.


2 thoughts on “Funny

  1. kim says:

    thats cute. sofia loves everything w/ranch. i just realised that since u moved to wordpress i don’t get your posts in my reader list anymore even though it shows i am following. i will have to read over the last few posts now.

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