Shoulda Took a Picture

I guess I just will next time lol.

Have you heard of Mom-sickles? Sounds silly, but its just breastmilk frozen into a popsickle. They’re supposed to be great for teething babies. Well we don’t have popsickle molds yet (yet being key word… as soon as my swagbucks cards hit I have a set waiting in my Amazon cart) so I decided to make a Mom-slushie. Figured it’d be better to start with anyway.

I’ve been planning to do it for awhile… and tonight Zavier just bit the cr…. tar out of me… repeatedly (he hasn’t tried it often so we’re just starting on learning not to do that) so I figured now was a good time to try it. He’s obviously sore.

So cute… He loved it and cried when we were finished. Did very good with the spoon. And in case anyone asks, no this does not mean we’re going to introduce real solids just yet (way too soon). It seems to have helped too… despite being upset at the end, he went back to nursing w/out any problems, biting or anything. Seems to be feeling better.


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