What Baby Needs

No time for a book of my own this week lol.. Hardly had time to think (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) let alone read. Anyways figured I would write about one of Kalila’s books… one that we both adore.

Its called What Baby Needs, by William Sears MD, Martha Sears RN and Christie Watts Kelly.

Like I said, Kalila loves it. She calls it Zavier’s book because I read it to her a ton while I was pg and would use his name in parts of it to help her get used to the idea of him coming and what it might be like after he’s here. She’s got most of it (if not all) memorized and randomly quotes part of it still… just out of the blue for no reason. I love it. She also talks about a couple parts in particular when she’s playing with Zavier… like counting his “tiny fingers and curled up toes”.  So sweet.

There are several things I love about this book

  • There is a note to parents and caregivers at the beginning. This note includes a bullet style list w/ things like how its ok to modify the txt to how you do things (like feeding/sleeping choices), using words you are most comfortable with, discussing your older child’s feelings, and handling other issues that may arise.
  • Most (but not all) pages have a “What About Me?” box that ties into what’s on the page. For example on the part about baby’s crying because they need something there is a box that explain that older boys and girls still need these things too.
  • Breastfeeding. This is the only book we have that shows it as normal. There are even a couple of pictures of the baby nursing in it. It does mention bottles of “Mommy’s Milk” too… It does say they’re for when Mommy has to be away, but back to the whole parents note thing, you can adjust that if you EP or FF.  This is one of the sections Kalila used to quote a lot. I say used to because lately she’s gotten in this “baby’s need bottles” kick that is driving me insane. I don’t know where she got it from but its getting old fast (she’s actually argued with me over feeding her brother).  But that’s a vent for another day lol.
  • Cosleeping.  I like that it advocates baby being near parents to sleep. They kind of went middle ground on the picture. The baby is one of those big c0-sleepers that rides up next to the bed.  There’s so many options for that now though and they really only could pick one so it makes sense.
  • Babywearing. Seriously it makes me smile that it shows the baba wearing the baby in a ring sling. That would so not happen here. Baba will not wear our kids. Anyways, all of the other baby books we have show strollers and carseats only… so I like that this one has it.  I did have to explain to Kalila that we didn’t do that w/ her, I guess the others are good for showing what we did before on that end lol.
  • And of course there’s the other parts of having a baby – diapers, bathtime, crying, etc. They do a good job with all that. And explained it in a very cute way.
  • Shows the whole family involved. There is a big focus on the older child and what they can do to help, what they can do as an older child that the baby can’t and all that.. but it shows everyone. We have another where the mom (not even kidding.. the mom) is only on a few pages and never holding the baby. This one shows both, has both involved with both kids, and has a page about extended family/friends.
  • And there’s a page at the end that explains exactly what Attachment Parenting is with a list of resources. Its a pretty basic list, just the 5 B’s but still. A good start.

I’ve heard of a few other good books on this topic, but this is the best one we’ve seen in a bookstore. I am so glad we got it for Kalila.


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