Seriously gonna roll several things into one (once again lol) here because I’ve got a lot to do today. Still trying to wake up though and hope this helps 😀

“Family” and Breastfeeding (one of the scheduled things I know I can pull off w/ this subject):

Remember the other day on the book review I mentioned Kalila’s babies and bottles issue lately? We had a very good moment yesterday… Backing up if you didn’t read it or don’t remember or whatever…

Lately she’s been insisting that babies need bottles. I’m not sure exactly where it came from. I know she sees them on tv… I know she sees them in public… but she never sees us use one so it kinda took me aback when she started this thing. The first time it happened (ok so I know exactly what set that one off) we’d just gotten back from playing w/ cousins and their dolls and for a week Kalila kept yelling at me everytime I tried to nurse Zavier. It was awful. That finally settled down, but she’d make pretend bottles out of random things around the house for her dolls and stuffed animals. The days of her nursing her toys had passed. Honestly made me a little sad because it was so cute lol. The last week or two she started arguing with me again though. This time out of the blue.

Well two things happened yesterday.

She walked up to me holding one of her baby dolls against her chest and told me she was giving her a “boo”. She had this big smile on her face and it was just adorable. Yes I got pictures, but unfortunately she was top-less at the time so they aren’t getting posted here. Yes I know she’s just… do I say 2 or 3? LOL But still…

Then a little bit later she came up and pointed at mine and we had this conversation:

Kalila – Those  are your boo’s.

Me – Yes

Kalila – You feed babies w/ your boos. You nurse them.

Me – That’s right! (Big grin on my face)

Kalila – When I was a little baby I nursed from your boos.

Me – Yes you did.

Kalila – I’m not a little baby anymore. I’m a big girl. (Then gave me a huge hug)

Ok.. So I’m not sure exactly what I said in those spots (something like what I wrote though) but those were her exact words right there. I about melted.  She’s also been lugging around the “What Baby Needs” book the last few days and talking about it a lot. She saw me looking at it while I typed the other day and got all excited about it again. Is probably where this came from, but still so sweet.

Zavier… of course he’s too young to care about any of this at this point.. as long as he’s getting his milk he’s perfectly content. Thankfully that’s all going well too.  Not saying I haven’t looked up stuff on KellyMom a million times or anything like that because I have lol, but still.

I got featured on Knickernappies blog today! Yes, I’m goofy I know… but I’m excited about it.

Apparently today is both Aunt Sonia (Zavier’s Godmother)’s and Jennifer (our midwife)’s birthdays. So happy Bday to both of them! The combo there kinda made me smile lol.

Zavier managed to wiggle out of his cosleeper this morning/last night… Not sure what I think about that lol. He was ok of course, just made his way onto the bed a little closer to me. Was upside down though… :-/

Ok…  this has so not helped… still want to curl up and go back to sleep lol. Oh well. I have laundry calling my name.


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