Is It Possible?

I really didn’t think I could tie Breastfeeding into Housekeeping but you know what… I can.

I wish I remembered where I read it first, but the other day there was an article I read about breastfeeding and toxins. It was a great post. I’d love to link it here, but no… I didn’t think to save it. I have, however, pulled up a few more on the subject.

We all know that there are certain things pregnant women should stay away from… its no different if your nursing. I could continue on and say its true for anyone period, but I’m gonna be nice and leave that at that.

Before I even go there I want to point out this CDC article.  Long story short, even women who are exposed to toxins should still breastfeed because the benefits of doing so outweigh the risks.

The Natural Resources Defense Council has an article (linked there) about how the chemicals can enter into breastmilk and which types tend to be more of an issue.

KellyMom has a list of resources that talk about it as well. Gotta love KellyMom.

The NRDC has  a list of things you can do to limit exposure.. I’m going to focus on one  of them in particular.

Pesticides. Avoid them. Obviously that’s easier said than done…  Esp when you have no control over what’s used around you or aren’t able to buy all organic.

Someone posted a site on FB awhile back that I need to find again. Going to do that now because it needs to be linked here. Has all sorts of alternatives for getting rid of pests. I love it.  Hah! I found it:  Beyond Pesticides.  In my search I found a few others I hadn’t seen before, but this is still my favourite…  Is nice to have one list to find all them at instead of googling (or swagbucksing lol) every time something new comes up. Thankfully moving away from that apt and then getting the back door fixed here means its not as big an issue, but still. Plus we’re planning to garden and I’m sure we’ll need this info for that at some point too.


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