Hand Me Down Carseats?

Awhile back I read a post about using used carseats and the whole topic has been rambling around in my head ever since. I mean absolutely no offense to the person who wrote the post, I know you’re following all the safety rules for using a hand me down seat, not picking on you here lol. But its been rambling around in there because I am so stinking uncomfortable with the thought of using one myself.

I know there are safe ways to do it… if its one you used before yourself (like we’re doing w/ Zavier) or if you know and trust the person who gave it to you (never ever ever buy one off craigslist or anything like that) and if you know for sure it was never in an accident of any kind, if you are able to get the manual to go with it, if its not expired, if its the correct “fit” for your child (ie they’re both the legal weight/age/height requirements to be in that type and the weight/height/age requirements for the seat itself), has all its parts and hasn’t been recalled. Did I leave anything out?

But still not comfortable with it.

The first one isn’t so bad.. I’m still a little uncomfortable with Zavier in Kalila’s old seat because I did not do any research before we bought it… I did not know anything about carseat safety at the time… We picked one that was cute… and a reasonable price… but not the best seat. But its still in good shape and won’t expire in the near future. He will be the last baby in it though (I hope… it expires in less than 2 years, he better be the last baby in it lol), is going to a recycling place after he outgrows it.  But if we’d had a better seat I would be happy to reuse it until it expires (and I do feel that way about the next seat we’re getting when he outgrows this one, and kinda feel that way about the one Kalila’s in now).

Beyond that… not so much.


Because car accidents are the leading cause of death of children here in the US. (CDC link, one of many sources I’ve gotten that info from)

And while I trust everyone that drives my kids around… I don’t trust other people who are driving around them. Accidents can happen to anyone.

Which is also the reason for every other post I’ve had on this subject…

2 thoughts on “Hand Me Down Carseats?

  1. christy says:

    I would never use a used car seat either. However, I have sold my kids’ old car seats on Craigs List. They went fast! I guess other people aren’t as worried as we are.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      I cringe every time I see those on there. I know a few others who’ve sold them that way too. Mine are going to a recycling center (the extra money would be nice though). I need to find one here soon. Zavier is so close to outgrowing this seat & even Baba knows it needs to go after him.

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