I had a whole post that I was working on getting out today, but I decided to switch gears after yesterday. Same topic different twist.


When I was pg with Kalila I assumed I would have no problem nursing in public. I knew that there would be times it would be necessary. I knew that it was my legal right to do so. I went out and bought a nursing cover because I bought into the whole “you need a cover” in order to do it modestly concept. And that was the end of that…

Then she was born and it was not so easy. I was so nervous about feeding her when we were out. I pumped bottles for Church. I used them when we went out to restaurants with family too or actually went and sat in restrooms or the truck if I didn’t have one.  The first (restroom) one being something I absolutely cannot stand the idea of, and didn’t like then either.  That’s just disgusting. It took the bottom of a bottle breaking at a restaurant to stop the whole bottle thing. The food was just coming or something like that so I grabbed a blanket and actually nursed right there that time. Over time I got used to NIP.

I don’t remember where I was in that the last time I wrote on this subject. Kalila was about 5 months old at the time though lol. By then I was a member of CafeMom and had learned that it is possible to NIP uncovered w/out being immodest.  I wasn’t comfortable trying it, but I was learning that there may be a day it was necessary since so many were saying their babies flat out wouldn’t deal with a blanket after a certain age. I commented on that in my post… and I was right. It did happen to me, not much longer after I posted that I believe.

So I got nursing tanks and practiced nursing her by positioning her, pulling down the tank, up the shirt.. getting her on and everything w/ nothing showing.  It was pretty easy. And I quickly realized it has one huge advantage. Much less noticeable than a cover.  Seriously… which picture do you think I’m nursing in?

Trick question because I was NIP in all 3 of those.

So yeah… I very quickly decided that I really do prefer nursing w/out a cover.  For several reasons.

Got pg w/ Zavier and figured I would have an easier time w/ it than before… and I was right this time. Very few times that I’ve been uncomfortable with it. I still use a cover in certain situations. May grumble to myself about it a bit, because its summer and hot here and I feel horrible for doing that to him. But still… Most days that we’re out I nurse him uncovered at some point in the trip with absolutely no problems.

Yesterday was an exception though. We went to the bookstore and he woke up after we’d been in there a bit. Kalila was playing with the train set (and a couple of little boys) and Baba had just gone to look for a book he needed when Zavier woke up. So I got him out of his wrap (I still can’t seem to nurse in it) and got him adjusted. Should have been fine except the poor thing is teething so his gums are sore. Plus he had gas… Poor little guy was miserable.

So he’s screaming.. I’d get him latched on for a minute or two but he’d pull off and cry some more.  I felt horrible for him, was wishing we’d brought his teething gel (Hylands not Orajel) or something… but we hadn’t.  And I had two other mom’s there watching me so that little thought in the back of my head started going off on the whole “what are they thinking right now” just making me unsure of myself in ways I haven’t been since Kalila was this age. Of course thinking back about it, its easier not to worry about what people are thinking when you’re not having problems that are making you uncomfortable.. and this definitely was.

After a few minutes of it I tried to get Kalila to go w/ me to find Baba so we could go, explained to her that Zavier’s teeth were hurting and everything… but of course she wouldn’t listen to me, was having so much fun. At that point another mama told me her son does the same thing and we talked for a few minutes. Her oldest is just a month or so older than Kalila, and the youngest is 18 days  old (I suppose 19 now lol). I felt a little better after that, mostly about Kalila’s attitude lol… but still worried about Zavier.  Got Baba finally and he managed to help a lot. Main problem wasn’t the teething like I thought, but gas and Baba arms tend to help with that.

Anyways, I had to change my post because of that. Felt like I got a little over-confident w/ the whole subject lol. I’m not nervous about doing it again. He has to eat. We have to go out sometimes. I just need to take it one day at a time and not just assume its gonna go a certain way. And work on not caring what other people think lol.  Apparently I haven’t gotten past that as much as I thought I had either.

4 thoughts on “Uncovered

  1. christy says:

    I am guilty of pumping and bringing it along on outings. I was always nervous about nursing in public. Don’t get me wrong, I totally support breastfeeding and nursing in public. But for some weird reason, I was just always uncomfortable doing it.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Completely understood.. Like I said, I’ve been there lol. We dont even have bottles here (or a pump at the moment, trying to get one though) so its a moot point this time around. Even if I wanted too I wouldn’t be able to.

  2. kim says:

    well we do use bottles sometimes because i am always on the go and in the middle of the store while i am pushing a cart in the store and controlling the rest of the kids…or driving in the car. everything is so spaced out here and takes a long time to get to places…so in my case i think it can’t be helped sometimes and for me, i am fine with occassional bottles. But I totally support those who exclusively bf. thats great. My first 2 were exclusively bfed and sofia was too…

    i did go through a phase with previous kids when i bought nursing tanks etc and they were necessary for certain situations. But, i just hike up my regular shirts nowadays and just try to nurse discreetly. Sometimes its embarrassing but for the most part I find ppl more accepting and supportive.

    I have nipped in public in the oddest places. baseball games, hockey games, school, church etc… its either they can hear my baby cry or they can see me breastfeed. I find ppl more upset by babies crying than bf.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Ok I hope you didn’t take this wrong, I’m not knocking bottles. I don’t like using them because its a hassle for me. And I don’t like the thought of “you have to do it” which has been the attitude I’ve gotten from a couple people in real life before I had kids or w/ Kalila. But like I’ve said before, Kalila had pumped bottles from time to time and Zavier will too at some point. We decided to wait a good amount of time to make sure he had no problems latching (thankfully hasn’t) and we’ll see how he does after his first bottle of pumped milk… which should be in a couple weeks or so when he stays with his Gido for a few hours or so.

      Thankfully we don’t have the store issue that you do either… Its always a family trip so I have my husband to control Kalila/push the cart so I can handle the baby. If we really need to we’ll stop and sit down for a bit. I don’t know if that’ll work (time wise and all that) with any future kids… I may have to adjust, will prob have to adjust. LOL I already am in some ways… it seems Zavier is in a phase where he likes to be covered… He did so much better at lunch yesterday because of it (we were w/ my FIL so I used one).

      The oddest place I have was the DMV. It was packed… and noone gave me a second look. I agree crying babies get more people upset than anything. Every once in awhile there’s someone rude but I’ve been lucky with that.. only happened to me once.

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