What A “Weekend”

I’ll prob end up posting pictures later…

Baba is off Tues/Weds now so our weekend just ended. Today is Monday lol. Fun fun. For the most part we had a good couple of days.

Tuesday Kalila did something or another that we decided she needed a treat for… So the plan was to head over to La Cantera and walk around a bit/get ice-cream… but changed our minds (hadn’t told her yet) and decided to get her a book instead. I’ve already mentioned the whole Barnes & Noble trip lol.  We didn’t end up getting her anything while we were there for a couple reasons. Zavier was fussing so much that we were rushing out… and all the books we saw were a few dollars more than they should be. No, not a huge deal… but still.  The principle of it.  I like that store for other things (oh good grief the pg section… they have Hypnobirthing, they have Thinking Woman’s Guide, they have Spiritual Midwifery, etc.) but not so much for her.  We decided we’d come home, calm/cool down, and then head over to Half Priced Books and then get our groc and stuff after that. Well, no… we ended up going to eat w/ Gido (which was nice of course).  And we came home to 2 packages.. A book for a class I”m taking (will talk more about that on Sunday) and the pop-sickle molds I’d ordered w/ Swagbucks cards. At least a day before I expected them!

Yesterday… We made it to Half Priced, where Kalila picked out a set of lacing cards instead of a book. Completely fine with that.  Then on to get groceries and then head over to see Tia Sallie & Uncle Bud.  We were gonna go swimming at their place. So we got there, Kalila stripped in the living room as soon as we got inside lol. We got her in her swimsuit, Zavier in his little swim diaper, and started to head over. Baba was still at the apt because his back was hurting and was gonna take him longer and Tia Sallie was cooking… So it was just me, the kids and Uncle Bud. We got about half way there when my ankle turned and I went down… with Zavier. He fell out of my arms… caught his little head on the side of the sidewalk just enough to scrape his face and get a bruise and then laid there on the ground. I freaked.  … I’m getting upset all over again just writing this. He’s ok. But it scared me half to death. I sent Uncle Bud ahead w/ him and Kalila and Tia Sallie got him cleaned up while the guys came back for me. I’m ok too but couldn’t really put weight on my knee at the time. Of course I had to land on it again. Is just scraped and bruised now. Between icing it for awhile inside and getting in the pool later it looks/feels better than it could.  Anyways, like I said Zavier is ok. He nursed for a good bit after that and then played with a toy they had later that night until he scared himself (bumped his nose a little) and decided he’d had enough. More milk and then he was out for quite awhile… I woke him up after we ate again here, changed and got him to bed where he kept wiggling out of his co-sleeper. He’s turning into quite a little mover lol.

Woke up this morning to find I won another diaper! A Bumbledoo AI2.  Very excited about that even if I’d never heard of the brand before a friend shared them on FB.  Honestly I’m hoping that is the most exciting thing today… I’m kinda looking forward to a boring day today lol.


4 thoughts on “What A “Weekend”

  1. christy says:

    I bet that scared you to death. But take heart, these things happen to all of us. Have I ever told you about the time I dropped my daughter in the OCEAN? So scary.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Oh no! I would have freaked. I’m not good with water lol. Glad she’s ok! And I do know that things happen. It took me awhile to get that thought in my head past the whole “my baby’s hurt” thought that kept screaming at me, but I do know/understand that. Don’t have to like it though…

  2. kim says:

    that must have scary. glad everyone is ok

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