Loving This Week

Seriously I am. Its been nice getting to see all the posts on breastfeeding from so many different people/places. There’s a few sites I regularly read on the subject, but this was different and I really enjoyed it. Which has me thinking about how much I love breastfeeding in general.

Some of the things I love about it are silly or slightly selfish… I mean its great not having extra dishes (bottles) but I’d gladly do them if I really needed to. Same with spending the extra money, I like not doing it… I really like not doing it, but once again I would if I had to.  Not having to deal with bottles or getting up at night… I’ll admit it I’m horrible w/out sleep lol. Not having to pack “feeding supplies” when we go out… I’m sure there’s more in this section, those are just off the top of my head.

And we all know the main advantages of breastfeeding. I love knowing my kid is getting the best food there is for him. I love knowing it has health benefits for him. I love that it has health benefits for me (I suppose that could go in the first category lol). I love knowing if he gets a random infection or skin problem or whatever that I can use it to heal whatever is wrong.

And all of those reasons are ones I tend to focus on when I’m talking about the subject to people, but they really aren’t all of the ones involved.

I love watching him nurse (or when I watched Kalila do it, all of this applies to back then too). I love knowing that if something is wrong, if he’s feeling bad or unhappy that nursing him will either solve it or at least comfort him in a big way. I love the milk drunk face when he’s through. Seeing him smile in the middle… Having that time to cuddle (well when we get too, I end up multitasking a little too often) while we are.. And talking to Kalila about it, watching her nurse her toys.

Not saying I never grumble about it or that there’s never any rough moments. I feel bad when things haven’t gotten done because Zavier (or Kalila back then) wants to nurse all day long.. like today lol. And its not always easy… I think I’ve been lucky with very few issues to work though, but I’m sure I probably do complain when I do… which is pretty dumb since I don’t really mind other than feeling bad for my child. Actually have gotten asked a couple of times if I dislike breastfeeding. It caught me off guard. Seriously caught me off guard.  Gonna try to work on that (not complaining when something happens). Is something I do really enjoy.


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