One More

I’m gonna be nice and say no more than that the pump I was going to buy was sold before I could pay for/pick it up despite the fact that the seller was the one who postponed my doing so awhile back and didn’t get back to me until now. Not happy.

Not only do I need it so I can start donating, which I seriously want to do…

But Baba and I want to go out in a couple/few weeks or so… which requires me leaving a bottle of milk for Zavier. Can I do that w/out a pump.. Yeah… Technically I can.  Is a little more work than I really want to do esp with other things I need to do. But I could. Maybe. If I have time.

What about my old pump? Kalila stole the main part and ran off with it… I don’t think it survived the move…

So I was really looking forward to not only having one again, but having one that was a lot nicer than the one I had (for about the same price too).

But I don’t…

I did, however, find this nice giveaway for one after I read that email. So I’m entering one more this week. And praying if I don’t win any other one.. .that I do this one. Not counting on it… but still.

Anyways, here it is. Crazy Coupon Mommy is giving away an Ameda Purely Yours Electric Breast Pump. Nice right? Crossing fingers here because this is a pump I wouldn’t be able to get in a million years (or at least until we win the lottery lol) if I don’t win it in something like this… Or unless they ask me to do a review. Has never happened w/ any company but I can dream right?

K.. gonna go link this to the giveaway now and then take my frustration out on the sheets.


4 thoughts on “One More

  1. deltaflute says:

    sorry about the pump. totally not cool. I’ve been looking at pumps too, but I think it isn’t in the cards until the next baby. Until then we’re renting, which is something you could think about if you want to go out. That or buying a really cheap hand pump. I’ve heard that it’s really hard to be a donor. There’s all this testing and a lot of times they can’t accept people because there are too many and not enough money. Don’t know much about it really since being a donor is not in the cards for me. Not enough production on my part.

    Best of luck on the giveaway.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah its prob gonna be a cheap hand pump like I had before :-/ Frusterating because they really only work well if baby is nursing on the other side.. at least in my experience. I wanted better… I don’t see the renting thing happening though.

      As for donating. I looked into the bank info and it doesn’t look that hard w/ the one here (at least on the donations end) but they are really hard for people to get the milk they need from so it looks like I’m going a different route. I already have someone who’s gonna help me out w/ that and everything ready to go as long as I can get going lol.

  2. kim says:

    have u checked w/your insurance? i only asked since my insurance provides a pump. some medical insurance companies pay for that.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Thanks for the idea! I really hadn’t thought of it before lol.. no idea why not. Unfortunately ours doesn’t cover it. I just looked. They will cover rentals under certain circumstances, but we don’t meet those (thankfully because they would not be worth it).

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