EcoNuts Again

Sorry this is gonna be short, no links either. I’ve already put them on the other post… and I’m rushing after already doing one post & an update page lol. Ready to get off and dinner started!

Love the soapnuts. Seriously.

I’m not as crazy about the liquid version. Not that it doesn’t work, because it does… but I don’t like it as much. I’m always half afraid I’ll accidentally pour too much… and with me it could very easily happen lol. It does work though. Has an interesting smell… I don’t notice one w/ the “nuts” themselves, but do with the liquid.

The “nuts” seem to be lasting me a little longer than expected. I don’t know if its our water temp or what, but they are working longer than they say they will. I’m not complaining. Not at all lol. I’ve been using them for over a month & still have at least a half box left.

Even if they only did what they say they will, the price is still around what my homemade detergent was.. so this is cutting it to way under. Which is just crazy. But good… because (I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but…) when we moved the homemade stuff stopped working as well. I started having to melt it in boiling water and it still wouldn’t completely. It was annoying on my end.. and on Baba’s he was noticing it wasn’t working well on his clothes anymore.  I don’t care how much we’re saving if it doesn’t work so I stopped using it before we got these soapnuts in.

So I talked to Baba and we decided to stick with these. Thankfully they do a laundry club, which cuts out the shipping cost. I don’t know if we’re signing up for every 2 months or 3.. will depend on how long these last. I’ll let yall know though!


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