Happy Dance

Not normally a topic I’m really talking about so publicly but I really thought this was interesting.. and yes it made me smile.

Disclaimers. Yes I pluralized it… because there’s several points I want to stand clear:

  • As always this is my opinion. If you have a different one that’s fine, I’m not bashing you… (repeat not bashing you). Well unless you’re ok with the female form of this in which case that pisses me off and I will go off on anyone who voices that particular opinion. Not that I expect that to happen, but just so ya know lol. I do have a line on the whole tolerance thing…
  • Another thing I’m not going to tolerate is anyone bashing either side in the comments section. We’ve got people on both sides of the fence in this family and as much as I disagree with the other I won’t put up with him being attacked anymore than myself.
  • Comments, as always, are fine.. just keep in mind this is a sensitive topic and keep it to the article… well, opinions on the subject are fine too just be polite.  I don’t doubt that anyone who normally comments would be, but… unfortunately we all know there’s always a chance and I’m not gonna be blindsided by that here. I do have moderation on new commentors and will take advantage of it if needed.
  • I know the new stats that came out do not affect me or my situation in any way.  Yes I am technically an Intactivist. I didn’t realize it for awhile, although I was of sorts for a good while before (ie the whole girl thing has always bothered me, more so after going to Africa).  Having a son and doing more research has finished that off for me… Beyond that I don’t really want to get into that all in a (public) post, but the gist of that is: Baby born too big, no one would touch him = Mama doing a happy dance. They will do it at 6 months = Mama doing a sad dance (w/ lots of hugging my poor baby and dreading the day it comes).  So yeah this doesn’t affect me at all.
  • And (I guess this should be bolded) I’m not expecting to change anyone’s mind on the subject either. There’s only one person I wish I could, and that’s not happening.. esp not by this. Honestly I’m half hoping he doesn’t read this at all… but he knows I’m posting it so that prob isn’t likely.  Like I said though, I thought this was interesting.

But anyways, all that being said… The circ rates have dropped here in the US. Drastically dropped. Down to 33%.

Link to MD Consult.

This is where the interesting part comes in. This is the only Non-Intactivist site that I’ve been able to find that had the information. Or rather, the only one I wouldn’t have to pay for… and even this one you have to pay to see the rest of the article. Just glad it showed the basics. The CDC showed a schedule of Dr. Charbel El Bcheraoui (the one who did the study) speaking where it was referenced, but nothing beyond that. I really wanted a “non-biased” source… glad I at least found this one. Still interesting that the others are ignoring this… or at least not reporting it so far.To be fair its probably just that they haven’t reported it yet. Its still pretty new information.

And on the topic of non-biased… This doctor seems to be pro-circ, works w/ the CDC, and says that risks are “extremely low”.  So coming from a pro-circ doctor, I’m figuring the numbers wouldn’t be swayed towards our side. Wouldn’t make any sense.

Note: The 33% is nation wide.. its higher in some areas, lower in others. TX is exactly what I thought it was… 50%. No big surprise there. Unfortunately that link above cuts off before all that if you haven’t paid so you can’t see that part. The Examiner –  Houston, an AP site, does have more info along with a colour coded map. There are a few other places that have that info too, but figured this one would be best here.

Edit: I misread a chart. Oops. TX is 25% or so. Glad someone pointed that out.. So they’ve dropped a little here too.

So it is steadily dropping (or more than steadily, this last one was a big jump).  I have seen some interesting theories as to why too. Honestly –  as much as I’d like to think the one about more people getting better info on why its not needed, the risks, etc… I’m guessing it has more to do with the other ones I’ve seen.  In some places Medicaid no longer covers it (stopped when the AAP said it wasn’t necessary), some other insurances don’t either.  Money can be a big factor.  Immigrants were listed as another… higher numbers of ones from areas that traditionally don’t. I don’t know if that’s true or not (the part about more of them coming here) but it would make sense. And a few states didn’t submit info because they stopped recording it when the AAP put out their last statement.

And that is probably my one and only post on the subject… Well, until Zavier’s time gets closer and then you might possibly see me freaking out or venting. Can’t promise I won’t lol. Trying not to think about it now though so other than something big like this news was, this is it for this sub.  Of course if you want more info on it, I do have links above in the links section. Have for awhile.


8 thoughts on “Happy Dance

  1. deltaflute says:

    actually according to here tx is less than 25 http://www.drmomma.org/2010/08/us-circumcision-rate-falls-to-33.html

    mine’s one of the lowest

    thought you’d like to know

    • Mama Kalila says:

      You’re right. I must have misunderstood the chart. I thought I saw it written out that TX was 50% though. Maybe it was somewhere else. I need to go back and find that. I knew there were a couple states that were really low. That’s cool that you’re in one 🙂

  2. deltaflute says:

    not surprised. I’ve changed enough little boys diapers since living here to notice that most of them aren’t circ.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah, that’s why thinking it was 50% didn’t surprise me… I know of a lot of boys who are, but most of them I’ve sat for are not. I can only think of one baby who was that I’ve sat for… and I didn’t really change his diapers (was helping someone out and she did that part).

  3. kim says:

    ok so i guess this is all about circumcision? well i don’t understand why everyone debates about this topic these days.

    its your baby, do what you want. none of my buisness what you guys decide about his boy parts…lol.

    for the record. yes my boys were clipped. I personally didn’t want it done but dh said, they’re boys, he’s a boy, its his preference that they look like him in that regard so i let it be done. they survived.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Rewording this because I don’t think it came out the right way… I misread your comment to begin with (sorry).

      But as I said in the post.. I am not trying to change anyone’s mind. I’m not trying (nor wanting) to debate the subject. I do, however, understand why its debated so much…. I just don’t want to do it here, or elsewhere really.

      I was also not asking for an opinion about what we do with our son. That is between me and Baba… No… Its between Baba and Baba. I have been taken out of the equation here.

      I’m glad your sons are ok… Another thing I wasn’t really asking anyone. But I hope my son is ok too.

  4. kim says:

    don’t worry i wasn’t arguing at all. i am not an arguing type person. i just meant it is a deeply personal decision that only you guys should make.
    and i only meant to be supportive in saying that no matter what you guys decide everything will be fine.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      🙂 I was just hoping I hadn’t offended you here. Was trying to post the thing in the least offensive way possible lol.

      I agree it is a very personal decision and other people shouldn’t get involved (unfortunately I’ve found that they do). But like I said, I wasn’t getting into that… just wanted to post on the new stats lol. And the only reason (or main reason) they make me happy is its one less reason for anyone who is trying to get involved to use as an excuse.

      As for Zavier… thanks. I hope so. Thankfully he’s got 3 more months before its even an issue.

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