First Sunday in Moshi

I’m cheating today lol.  For the traveling post I’m copying over a page from my journal from the first trip… I actually put these up on a website I had a long time ago (that got deleted when they stopped doing yahoo whatever it was) so I already have copies typed in and all that. On this comp no less since I saved them all on word before the site got deleted lol.

A little about my journals from the trips (I’m sure I may use this method again from time to time). Notes in red were added when I put them up before, were/are not in the original journal. The little question things at the top (only from the first year I believe) were really hard for me. I felt like I was saying/answering the same answers over and over… please ignore how dumb they sound.

And a note about this particular one: I mean/meant no disrespect to anyone who believes in the whole speaking in tongues thing.. Just not something I’d seen before/out of my comfort level lol.

27 May 2001 Dear Journal,

Day:  Sunday
The weather today:  The weather was wet & cool today.
Today I feel:  Today I feel pretty good… exausted though.
Today I am greatful for:  Today I’m greatful that I made it to Mass.
Inspirations, prayer, scriptures, quotes:  This lady here… her life it’sself is an inspiration.  She’s spent the past 9 years here in Africa running a childrens home for disabled kids.
I said a special prayer for:  We all said a special prayer for this lady here tonight.
Prayer(s) answered (comfort, peace, love and miracles):  After all we went through getting up early & locked gates we FINALLY made it to Mass… just in time.
Donations of the Heart (acts of kindness, sharing, caring, and forgiveness):  The group, everyone really, was really sweet to this lady… even worked it out so her & her 2 kids could stay the night here.
What I would like to see happen tomarrow (Goals, ideas, etc.):  Mostly I’d just like to have a great day… pero I’d like some email too lol.

Hola.  Today certainly wasn’t dull. Got up at 4:30 & got ready for Church.  We were ready early & started to leave pero the gate was locked. After a frustrating talk with a guard (who speaks no English) we realized we were stuck.  At 6 he called us over & unlocked it though & we rushed thinking/praying we’d make it for Communion… Got there just as everyone else did. (Note: not written on page, pero at this point we both about went in shock as we saw hundreds of Africans walking in to the Church gates at 6 in the morn… it was awesome) Was an interesting experience. We were the only wazungu (note: means white people) there for one thing.  The Mass was a little more traditional than either of us is used to as well.  & 2 hours long! It’s ok though. I liked it. Would have been better only if I spoke Swahili. (Note: it’s not mentioned on the page pero we left a little early, right after Communion to make it back in time. It started raining at this point & we decided to change when we got back because we both wore white shirts lol.) Then we went to the waterfall. Hard climb.. when raining… One word.. mud! We slid all over the place! (note: literally, the mud is clay there… There were Africans standing on the sidelines laughing at us as we slid & fell & all…was great)
Pero it is beautiful.  Was def worth it.  Then tonight we met this awesome lady, who although I don’t totally agree with all her veiws (note: ok..  so I almost totally disagree pero that’s not the point) she is obviously a very spiritual & just awesome lady.  She runs a childrens home here & because of her ex she is being deported.  She’s going to Dar es Salaam tomarrow for another appeal.  We all prayed for her… then sang & prayed with her… Was a little odd cause she did the tounges thing… pero oh well.  NEways, as you can imagine I’m exausted. So I’ll ttyl.


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