The Latest Fun

Before I get into anything that’s gone on here lately I want to point out something up above…

My Disclaimer page. Yes I think I’m linking this here too.

I updated it yesterday. Please read it.


Some of you have seen this, some not… but Zavier had bonded with his jumperoo lol. We pulled it out the other day and he just adores it.  Its so cute that I have to share a picture… Just one though, the rest are on another post… or will be on another post. Something like that.

We just got off of another “weekend”.

Tuesday we had some errands… and decided to go eat at Babes (the restaurant Baba used to work at). Kalila kept trying to join another table cause there was a little girl there lol. We finally left & went to say hi to the people next door at the Indian restaurant and she met another little girl and played with her for awhile. We were all laughing (the other girls parents too) over it, they were just being too cute. Then at Ali Baba’s she started flirting w/ a little boy… aye aye.

Yesterday was fun. We had a reception to go to… One of Baba’s friends from HS got married. We haven’t seen any of them in a long time so it was nice to go. Kalila attached herself to several people there and had loads of fun. I can’t wait to get copies of pics from it. Yeah go figure I forgot to take my camera!

We had to go get groc after that…  it was late and we were tired… and thenKalila met some more kids… the little boy shared his favourite toy with her, which was apparently big for him lol. Then she didn’t want to leave. We finally got her distracted with pushing the cart when she saw things she wanted to stack… and then we ran into Abouna. Always interesting to randomly run into priests. I don’t think that ever happened to me before I moved here lol. Is funny too because Kalila plays shy with them.

Today was the day we set for our new schedule… and we missed getting up on time, but did better than normal so not upset. And we did exercise like planned so that was good. I need to get dinner started now but I’ve got my hands full lol. Zavier is wiggling all over me.


2 thoughts on “The Latest Fun

  1. kim says:

    those are cute. i will probably be getting a bouncer/exersaucer like that soon too. don’t have one yet.

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