Took me a bit to figure out why I feel a bit out of sorts about missing Mass today… Really no choice because Baba has to work right after and Gido is going out of town right after so we’d have no way to come home.. Plus Kalila woke with a very runny nose and is sneezing/coughing a bit. So its prob best anyway… But still felt odd about it and I just figured out why. Today’s the Assumption!

Also explains why I’ve been dreaming about Lubbock lately. I really only got to go to the big nini they have there for it once… but is something I would love to do again someday. Obviously not happening this year lol.  I didn’t think it would either.

Looking on Catholic Cuisine but I don’t have half the stuff I’d need for any of those ideas… The blueberry/strawberry cobbler sounds good but no strawberries lol. I guess I could do the Assumption Rolls. We’ll see..


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