Upfront. I won this thing. So freeby here. And I was not asked to review it, am not getting anything for doing so. Although I think that is pretty obvious, still want to make sure that’s clear.

It is cute… At least I think it is. Baba doesn’t.

Its an AI2.. which I’ve never used before… I guess I was expecting it to be one sized. Obviously its not.  Looking at the website I see they come in 2 sizes (which is fine) newborn and standard. Standard should fit 13 to 35 lbs.  Now this is where I’m a bit unsure/skeptical how this diaper will fit such a wide range w/out snapping down. It does have a good amount of room to grow on the sides, but still. We’ll see though. I could be (and hope I am) wrong.

Now.. my first problem. They sent me the shell with no insert! If I bought one it would come with one and if it hadn’t I would say something and make sure what I paid for was sent. But I didn’t… I won it. So I have no clue if it was a mistake or this is just what I won. I’m debating sending an email to find out.  If this is all I won I could buy a set of inserts, but they come in sets of 4… and this is the only AI2 we own… I could ignore the snap on them and use them for inserts in our pockets (I do like that they have hemp/bamboo and when you divide the price by 4 its not a bad price for that), but I’m not sure if I want to spend that money when we could use it elsewhere.

*Edit – No mistake. Was not meant to come with an insert. I did decide to email 🙂

Since there’s no insert I decided to use it like a cover, figured that would be ok… but that’s where the second problem came in and I’m honestly not sure if it would be fixed by using their inserts (having a prefold under it being the prob) or not.

Here is his right leg… ignore red marks apparently he’s grown again and his diaper got put on a little too tight last night poor thing. As you can see though, it fits just fine here (a little trimmer than our other diapers) and the elastic is all the way up.

Now this is his left leg…

The elastic is not all the way on this one an there is a large gap. This will definitely leak… Back to the should I email dilemma. I’m assuming this was a mistake… But part of me is wondering if its not and it would be fine w/ the correct inserts.

Edit: Like I said, I did email… They should work with prefolds, so I’m guessing I got unlucky here. Is ok though, it was free… and I can still use it as backup. Too cute not too.

But.. He did look cute right?


10 thoughts on “Bumbledoo

  1. Katharine says:

    I would send an email…and maybe link back to your blog so they can see what you are talking about as well…
    I doubt that the whole issue on the left side would be insert related…it looks kind of like a defect with the diaper!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah, I did end up sending the email. Meant to edit this before it published lol. I found out the insert was not included… but that it can be used with the prefold. So that probably was a defect. I guess I should link this post in an email so she can watch out for that happening. I’m not really gonna complain about it though, it was a free diaper lol.

  2. Katharine says:

    it might be something you could ask the people who make the diaper though! hey, they might give you another free one:) hehe

  3. Steph says:

    Well, I think it’s cute too. 🙂 But I definitely wouldn’t like that side issue. I agree that maybe you could contact the manufacturer and see if she (they?) can tell you if it’s definitely a defect ….

  4. Salma says:

    Little man looks so cute and big.

    I agree with the others, contact the manufacturer, but besides that, I like.

  5. Tera says:

    Its cute but I would wonder if it would last that long. I think its great that she is sending you another diaper. I would wonder about her if she was giving out defective diapers. That is just poor advertising. Post some pics of the new one when you get it.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah that’s what I was getting at in the first bit. I do wonder how long it will work for. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised there.

      As for sending out a defective item… it does happen. I’ve bought things in stores that ended up being defective. Have never had that happen w/ something I’ve won before, but I can see how it’d happen. I will definitely post when I get the new one though.

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