Diapers, Weekend & the Date

Before getting into anything from the past two days have an update on the diaper thing… I did decide to email the owner about both the insert and the gap on the side. I just asked about the insert first (because like I said, I wasn’t sure if I caused that or not… didn’t think it was likely, but just in case).  After finding out it should work with prefolds I emailed her my link like someone suggested, just so she could see what the issue is and so hopefully it won’t happen to her again.  Happening on something given away… one thing. If someone had bought the diaper it would have been worse. I was bit nervous about saying anything, but figured I should. Anyways, huge surprise this morning. I got a reply (a very nice one). It was a defect and, as she put it, not normal with her diapers. She also said she’s going to find another boyish diaper to send me and may even make a new one. How sweet is that. I really wasn’t expecting that. So definitely good customer service with this company.

Now… our “weekend”

Tuesday was errands… which is pretty much true any given week.  We decided to be “bad” and skip what was on our menu for going out to Buffalo Wild Wings.  Is just the perfect day to do it (for anyone who doesn’t know, wings are on sale on Tuesdays lol).  It was nice… Zavier had a blast watching football on the tv’s. Kalila didn’t misbehave much. Got down a couple times, but other than that she did good.

From there Baba needed to head out to work… He’s going for a promotion (so prayers, crossed fingers, whatever – please) and they asked him to type something up if he wants the interview… So he wanted to do that. Was too hot for us to wait outside so we ended up packing up and going in the lobby while he did it. Went well until Kalila had a meltdown right before leaving.  Good part of the whole thing (besides Baba just getting that done) was that we got to see Gran while we were there. Its been way too long. Kalila was so excited about it… and Zavier seemed happy to be held lol.

Since we were on that side of town, we decided to go by the Forum to get the bottles we needed from BRU and just stop by the bookstore I used to work at for the last invites.  That was interesting… got to see the only to co-workers who’re left at that one (another at the one over this way is still there) and the owner… Talked awhile. Got the invites and a tot rosary that we’ve been meaning to get Kalila for awhile now. And a colouring book on the Mass for Mass. I’m hiding it away now so it’ll be new.

From there went a couple more places for things we needed. Like I mentioned before, we needed bottles for Zavier… Figured it was about time for us to have a date again and him stay w/ his Gido for the first time. We got the ones I had planned on, the Tommee Tippee ones.  And while we were there they had a sale going on clothes so we picked up quite a few. I finally feel a bit better about him having stuff to wear lol.

So yesterday we spent the morning doing stuff around here, general cleaning and getting our printer set up (whoo hoo I can print what I need too again lol) and then we got ready/went on our date.

We decided on dinner and a movie… Had Italian food. Oh my goodness I had some great pasta. It had tilapia and a lemon caper sauce. Was too good. When we got there we had quite a bit of time before the next movie so we walked around a bit. Had icecream and picked up the liners for our litterbox lol. Saw a cute kitty… I always end up wanting another cat every time we go in that store lol. Is better than Baba and the ferrets though! Don’t worry we were good and walked away lol.

The movie…. We saw Grownups. It was stinking hilarious.  Part of me was curious about the whole breastfeeding joke in it, had heard people complain… Seriously… It wasn’t bad. Wasn’t ant-bf or anything crazy like that. It was funny… I didn’t expect it to go on as long as it did (thought it was just one comment), but still no complaints. In fact my favourite part of the whole movie came off of it.  Anyways, we laughed the entire movie… It was great.

Came home after that. Zavier was sound asleep (slept through me kissing him up a storm, slept through us heading in here, nursing him, laying him in his pack n play, nursing him again, and then putting him down – on his back – in his co-sleeper… he was out). Apparently he did really well.  He did ok with his first bottle ever… although he was as distracted with it as he has been while nursing lately. Kept popping off to look at stuff lol. Kalila behaved. And she didn’t want to come home at all when we got there. Then after we got in and settled she told Baba she didn’t want to see him… 😦  A few minutes later she curled up in his lap though and wouldn’t move. Told him she missed him… I’m figuring that’s where the comment came from.

So yeah… we had a nice “weekend”.  Have to get back on track now… but feeling better about that too lol.


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