Deep Breath…

So quite a few good things going on here. Baba has his interview on Tuesday I think… And he was just given this (great) new schedule at work too. He’ll have Sun Mon off and work from 10 to 7. So we’ll actually have dinner together and I’ll have help getting Kalila to bed…

But I am so stressed out right now its not even funny.

Main issue right now is my dresser. I’ve been fighting this thing for years… Like to the point of not really using it. At the apt I could get away with that.. Here not so much. I need it. So I pulled the drawers out and tried again to make the bottoms stay on. Nope fell out within a few minutes of my doing that. Tried another method that held a little longer. One is already out though. On top of that, apparently we put one in the wrong slot so the bottom 3 drawers wouldn’t open. Baba figured that out before he left for work… but I’ve spent the rest of today (not even kidding he left around noon and its almost midnight now) trying to get the bottoms on of course, and to get them all in correctly. One in particular won’t go in on any slotI finally put it on the bottom. Its in… a little crooked (despite being in the rail nini correctly) and hard to open but its there… unfortunately me getting it in included me nearly breaking off the thing it goes on and dropping the last drawer I have left onto the floor. I need to get the metal parts back on it now, but the bottom has fallen off of that one yet again! I would scream but I’d wake the kids… not worth it.

And I don’t have time for this crap. I have other things I need to be doing, unfortunately I have to get it done before I can really finish anything.

The Baptism is just over a week away now… and the invites are just getting sent (they better be sent anyways) because we kept forgetting stamps and I can’t find several addresses and a few that were supposed to be asked for weren’t… well back to the better have been today bit. And of course I have to be done here before that, but between this dresser thing and other random stuff I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near where I need to be with stuff. And I have a week. A week.

Oh invites aren’t out. Not mad……. Not mad. He got the stamps. And had a crazy (seriously I’m listening to him rant about it, is funny in a really messed up way) day at work.


2 thoughts on “Deep Breath…

  1. Julia says:

    I think you need to start checking freecycle/craigslist for a new dresser ASAP! I’m all for removing frustrating things from life rather than waiting for some miraculous patience. šŸ˜‰ Besides you have plenty else to stress about!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Would be a good idea except I have horrible luck w/ those lately. Freecycle wouldnt let me even sign up for some reason… and the last thing I tried to buy on craigslist, the woman agreed to meet me and then said she’d have to postpone and then sold it to someone else instead. I’m still a little bitter over the whole mess lol.

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