Future Dishwasher

Short story from a min ago…

So I went in to do dishes and a few other things that need to be done in the kitchen area… partly because they need to be done (obviously) and partly because I’m ignoring the whole dresser issue right now. Warned Baba I would… Anyways, it got pushed back a little today because Zavier decided he wanted to eat all afternoon… I finally got him down and went in there, and he woke back up lol. Got him in the highchair for a bit… long enough to get a good start before he decided he was hungry again and needed a change.. which is why I’m here now instead of in there.

Anyways, funny conversation in the middle of this that I’m so gonna remind Kalila of when she’s older.

She asked me if I like washing dishes. I told her the truth. No. She gave me a surprised look and said that she likes washing dishes…. to which I replied that that’s great, I’ll have her wash them for me in a few years when she’s a bit older. Picture little miss jumping up and down… She said “Oh good!”  At that point I was laughing and told her I was gonna remind her of that and she said “yeah!”  Silly girl.

She’s being a good helper today too. Got a diaper for me a second ago… ignoring the fact that its a pink prefold (his cover is blue… LOL) I’m just glad she got it.. has been refusing to lately and I really did need the help, he was fighting me on not wanting to stop eating long enough for me to get one. Thankfully he was his normal smiley self once I started changing him. Silly boy loves his diaper changes.

Aww.. his little eyes are starting to droop… I may just get back to what I was doing sooner than I thought lol.

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