Just thought I’d share a few of my latest facebook status’ for those of you not on there.

Kalila spilled her juice and got all upset.. not because she spilled her juice, but because it was from Gido. How cute is that?

Seriously… Is there anything cuter than open mouth baby kisses and giggles?

I knew it was too quiet in here… Washing dishes… Came in here to find Kalila drawing on the tv w/ a dry erase marker. So glad its something we can get off lol. I hope…

Me – Kalila can you eat some corn? Kalila – I eat some five. ???

Just heard Kalila asking Zavier why he wiped her kisses off lol.

Apparently Zavier needs a bib… Kalila just put it on him lol

Not sure which is worse… Kalila’s fit tonight = hearing loss (not to mention scaring her brother) or me nearly falling w/ Zavier and hurting my leg in the process.

Jas keeps putting Zavier sitting up in the boppy this morning.. He threw himself out of it after a few minutes and started laughing. So cute… Keeps trying to scoot too.

LOL Kalila just came up to me crying because she was trying to feed her baby doll and her dress kept falling down/she couldn’t get it up high enough. And now she’s trying to put a hair clip on Zavier… He’s crying.

Kalila slurped her spaghetti at dinner and said she had a lizard tongue… this girl cracks me up sometimes.

I should have known that was too easy! Kalila went to bed with no screaming, acted all sweet and all that… then snuck out, grabbed the raisins off the counter (had to have climbed to get them), and sat herself in front of the tv (that she’s grounded from to begin with) and started munching away.

Yay! Jas is home… gonna stick the last of this dressing thing on him lol.. or try too. I’m about to pull my hair out. (was supposed to be dresser and caused much confusion lol)

I don’t even like Lubbock, why do I keep dreaming I’m going back there? LOL (ok I do miss my friends, but still….)

Poor Bub is grumpy today… woke up happy but the past 30 min or so he’s been miserable. Almost asleep though…

Kalila is pretending to be a butterfly sipping from a flower…

I need to do something like this more often lol. Keep track of some of those… all the little things end up on there and miss the blog sometimes. I don’t want to forget any of it… esp the kids craziness. I love it…  That last one was from a few min ago and what made me think of doing this. Too cute!


One thought on “Facebook…

  1. Salma says:

    Firstly, I love this colour for the blog. Secondly, how cute is that really? Kalila cracks me up.

    I remember Amira lost her pencil in JK and cried all day…when we asked why it was so important she said “it’s because it was made in China”.

    She attended a Chinese school at the time, but I don’t know if that was the reason.

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