Baptism Gown

I decided to take a small break from getting stuff ready for this weekend to take a few (LOL more like a ton) pictures of Zavier in his Baptism gown. So hard to pick which ones to post because there were so many and all adorable… and a funny/cute story to go along with them. Towards the end Kalila asked me if this was Zavier’s “princess dress”. I said no and she told me that it looks like one.

Going back and forth in my head over the password thing. I think I’m gonna leave these public (and hope I don’t regret it). Figuring the post about the actual Baptism will be too..

Now back to getting ready for that.

2 thoughts on “Baptism Gown

  1. deltaflute says:

    It’s good that you took a ton of pictures before hand. Family came in from out of town and then madness. I totally didn’t take any. All the pictures we have are him with other people. But it’s okay. I thought about taking some afterwards, but never did. We have all those other sacraments and he can say “hey, mom, take my picture.” by that point.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      I got Kalila’s a week or so after… hardly any from the actual Baptism day 😦 Is why I wanted to do this too. We have one less day/chance to do these than yall since we combine two in this one… but I am definately looking forward to First Communion with the kids lol. Not even thinking about weddings just yet lol. Kalila and I had a talk about marriage the other day (random I know) and she fell into a giggle fit about it.

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