I really liked the theme I changed my page to last time… until I realized it didn’t have the pages tabs. I could put them on the side but then every little page showed up… and in some sections there are a lot of them.  This one prob won’t stay long… but I wanted something simple still and this seemed the best one for now.

And yes this weeks posts are prob gonna all be off. I haven’t even had time to schedule anything ahead. Oh well, its been kinda nice.

I’ve got a little boy here smiling and talking to me… Is great. I love it.

Anyways, had one or two days of feeling like I would never be done around here.. and now everything is falling together. So relieved.

Nothing else really to say… Hopefully I will in the not too far off future lol. At least by Monday I’ll have a couple (Baptism and 4 month appointment!)


2 thoughts on “Boo

  1. I love your blog. Only thing is I can only read about 1/4 of your posts cause the others are PW protected 😦
    I get the email notices of new posts but I cannot access most of them.
    Love your blog though.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Thanks… although I have to say its no where near that many that are password protected lol. I only started doing that very recently after I had some problems with everything being open. The only thing you’re missing really is some (though not all) pictures and video’s… or with information that should be kept private to whom its aimed at.

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