♥ Escapee

Yup, Zavier is on the move and I’ve got some proof lol. I took several video’s yesterday.

First one of him in his jumperoo… Yes I know I have a ton of these, but he’s just too cute in it. And if I remember right I caught him turning to a new side in this one…. I think lol. I saw him do it a few times yesterday anyway.  I also noticed (right before taking the video) that his face is filling out a bit more.

I wanted to catch him doing that odd back scoot thing he does, so I put him in his sleeper… and he refused to despite my best efforts to convince him to do it. Had to include it because he was talking up a storm there.

He did not roll over before I started this one. I rolled him because he was starting to fuss and I wanted to see what he’d do. This is THE video though.

I wasn’t sure how long it would take him to make it the rest of the way out so these are broken up in pieces.

No more video’s but today I caught him scooting around his pack n play too…

2 thoughts on “♥ Escapee

  1. Katharine says:

    that co-sleeper looks DELICIOUS! lol

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