Yes, I know I just posted… but Kalila…

I was just putting up clothes and decided (have been debating it for awhile) to take out my kangas and put them away. I never wear them anymore or use them for anything.  I wanted to use them to wear the kids but I can’t quite get the hang of it with them… Still debating leaving one out to keep trying lol. Plus I have very little room in the closet and even less in the dresser.  Anyways.. .as you can imagine it did make me a little sad putting them away.

And that’s when Kalila walked in.

First she asked me what I had. I told her and she asked what’s a kanga. I explained.. and she giggled. And then she asked me what’s wrong (as I was putting one in the box) and I told her that I was a little sad… and she asked me  “What did I do?”  No.. No no no. Explained that she did not make me sad at all… And then she asked what Baba did. Nooooooooo.  Explained that he did not make me sad either. At that point I wanted to cry though.


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