A few Giveaways

So sad I didn’t win the pump… But oh well lol. I do have more that I’m entering… Not many right now though, too much going on. I need to set aside a set time to do them though (same w/ tasks on Swagbucks). And find a way to keep track of them and when each ends lol. But that’s for another day…

For now…

Liz Has a Life has several out that I need to mention.

Rumparooz Cloth Diapers. I have one of these and would love another one. If you use cloth diapers at all, you might want to enter this contest. It ends Sept 4th so you have a little time. Reminds me, I’m not sure if I did a later review on this one… might need too lol.

Super Undies. This one is ending tonight… So hurry if you’re interested. I wish I could say Kalila’s out of needing any type of trainer, but… we use Gerber more often than not.

Soft Bums Echo Diapers.  Never tried these… Worth a shot though right?

And though I can’t link it and  I know this won’t count for it until I can (will prob end up in another post instead) I do see that she has a Doopsy giveaway coming soon.

Crazy Coupon Mommy has now become one of my favourite giveaway sites… Why? Because she’s using a Google Doc for us to put our entries in. Do you get how much easier that is?!?! I love it!

And… She’s doing a Visa card giveaway for $100. Nice right? It ends on the 31st, so not a lot of time to get entries in.. but this one is one anyone could use lol.

Shining 2 Save

Piggy Paint.  I had to enter this one… Kalila is way too into nail polish so I’ve been itching to try this stuff. I hate using the “normal” kind… the smell gets to me even when the windows are open. Ends Sept 15th…  which would be in perfect time for someones Bday lol.

And since I’m there, here’s another for a $50 Gap card.

Leslie Loves Veggies

I can’t leave this one out or Baba would have my head! She’s giving away a Deep Fryer.You have until Sept 16th on this one.

Noxicare Pain Cream ends on Sept 11th.

There are a lot of other giveaways on her site… Some of them sound really interesting, but I just don’t have time.


3 thoughts on “A few Giveaways

  1. kim says:

    the visa card one and the nail polish look interesting. i never win anything though.

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