Baptism Pics

Today was great… We ended up getting up seriously early and had a lot to do before Mass… I got a couple pics of Kalila before we left, she was so excited about her dress.  We made it… not as late as I was afraid we’d be. I waited until after Communion to change Zavier… and the Baptism was right after Mass.

Seriously cute. He was very well behaved, didn’t cry. Babbled softly at one point before… and tried to grab Abouna’s arm when he was Chrismated (or right after).  And apparently Kalila was well behaved the whole time too. She sat with her Gido.

Took some pics after, then went to the luncheon… hadn’t planned to stay long but ended up staying way later than planned. Food was too good!

Then stopped off on the way home to pick up a few things and to help Gido pick up the grill.

Then the BBQ. We got here at 3 when it was supposed to start lol. So obviously everything was behind. I ended up only making the cake instead of it, a pie & tabouli (although the last one still happened thanks to Sonia and Aunt Janelle… I feel bad though, I keep promising Jas to make some and haven’t in forever… keeps getting bumped off the menu lol… and go figure he didn’t get any today either lol). Everyone came a little at a time though and it was just fun. Even got to see a friend we didn’t think could make it.

I’m not putting up every picture, at least not yet… because there’s kids in some and I need to go through and see which I can post and stuff (some will be under private). But here’s the ones before we left, the actual ceremony & w/ his Godparents right after.


3 thoughts on “Baptism Pics

  1. Salma says:

    These pics are beautiful. Kalila looks like a darling. I would be excited to wear that dress too..well..if I was her size.

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