4 Month Checkup

Today has been pretty eventful.

Zavier’s appointment was at 9 this morning. We were soooo late. Running late to begin with and then Kalila had an accident. Lovely… But we got there and it wasn’t crowded or anything so didn’t seem to make a difference.  While we were sitting in the waiting room Kalila embarrassed me pretty good though lol. There was a little 2 year old boy… younger than her (had just turned 2) who was playing w/ his moms phone. She walked up and started watching it with him… and then asked his mom (rather loudly) if she has milk in her boobs. When she said no not anymore Kalila told her that I do.  I laughed, but still. Wow.

The checkup itself went really well.

Zavier is now 16 lbs 8 oz… a little more than I thought he’d be. He’s also 27 inches tall, which puts him off the charts on height (or length however you look at it). Was funny because the nurse measured him twice thinking she was wrong because it was such a big jump from last time… The first measurement was actually 27 and 1/4 in. She put the second one down though (fine not a huge diff either way).

Dr. M joked that he’d be crawling by 5 months… We’ll see lol. He did show off for her with his standing and sitting and all. Too cute.

She noticed he was congested… which I already knew. I brought up the whole mucus diaper thing… She asked how long its gone on (to make sure it wasn’t from his nose) and if anyone in the family has some issue (I forget what its called) where they don’t absorb nutrients well. Not that we know of (thankfully) and she told us she’s not really worried/thinking it’d be that because he’s gaining/growing so well and babies with it are usually failure to thrive. Said not to worry about it and we’ll just see how things go with that.  She also noticed how dry his skin is (first time its happened at an appointment) and said to get hydrocortisone cream for it and to be sure and use everything hypoallergenic on him… which most of what we use is anyway with Baba and Kalila’s eczema/sensitive skin.

And we talked about solids.. She asked when we started Kalila. I told her, but said we planned to wait until 6 months w/ Zavier which she was fine with. Said we’d talk more about it at the next appointment then but mentioned that when we do we really should wait a week between each new food with everything going on. I’d planned to anyway but was nice hearing it.

Then the shots.  He got the DTap & Hib again today… Poor baby. No really I say that for several reasons. Tetnus (sp?) is in the first and we all know that one hurts like anything. Plus… He refused to nurse again right after, which is fine… but he wouldn’t stop crying and then started choking from crying so hard… I lifted him up to help him out with it and he vomitted all over me.  Before she left (the nurse does the shots) Dr M asked us if we wanted to give him the Rotovirus today too or wait until next month with the PC. I’m so glad we stuck to our schedule since its an oral one and would have come out all over me.

After we left we (well we ate first lol) went to Target to pick up Zavier’s car seat. Yeah… 1) I was right w/ his height… he’ll be too tall for the carrier soon. It only goes to 29 in.  and 2) we decided yesterday it would be his Baptism gift.  I know sounds like a strange one, but its what he needs lol. I got a last pic of him in the old seat today and can’t wait to put him in the new one.  Need to get it in though… and find a recycling place here for old car seats.

Oh and the other reason I said poor baby above? He has a fever now from the vax.  I’m trying out the onion in the socks remedy… we’ll see how it works lol. He does seem a little better. Finally stopped crying and went to sleep. I would have posted this sooner but for that. Poor thing was miserable.


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