Warning there are some pics of stains in this… Not dirty clothes. Not straight up poop. But stains.  If that bothers you move along lol.

I’ve mentioned line drying before.. There’s loads of things (LOL) I like about line drying. I’d prefer not to NEED to do it, but still. With line drying you use less energy, save some money, there’s the smell… and the sunlight kills bacteria better than a regular drier does (note unless you seriously turn up your water temp the water does not do this… the heat from drying does).  All good things.  But lately my favourite use for it has been stains. Particularly diaper stains.

Now.. I know stains don’t hurt anything, esp when you can’t see them. And on diapers you can’t… Even if I leave him in a diaper alone… Unless I’m letting him “air out” I’m not gonna have him without a cover… I just don’t want the mess involved with doing that lol. And I’m saying that while remembering that happening the last time I left him without one (this last Sunday morning). So the actual prefolds aren’t gonna be seen… and they are clean even if they’re stained. But still… Who likes stains? Seriously.

I’d heard that sunlight would get them out… and its true. Works great. So much that I had to get before after pics one day to “explain”.  I took them a couple diff ways, both on the floor and hanging up.  And like I said before, this diaper is clean in both sets of pictures.

So yeah, works very well. Not always fun hanging them up… Like when its stinking hot outside lol. But still..

2 thoughts on “Sunlight

  1. Katie says:

    I’ve been using vinegar in a downy ball (or in the rinse cycle) before hanging in the sun. That’s supposed to help whiten and also help with odor. It’s been working so far. No stains 😀

    • Mama Kalila says:

      I don’t have a downy ball lol but I put vinegar in the rinse cycle if I’m only washing prefolds. It does help a lot too… but if I’m washing my whole stash I can’t (pockets and covers are being babied, I want them to last). I also throw them all in a no heat cycle in the drier (all I have at the moment anyway lol) and that fluffs and softens them up nicely 🙂

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