Fevers & Such

2 posts planned today and this is the not so fun one…

Like I mentioned the other day (yesterday?) Zavier got a fever after his vax. We didn’t have any infant “tylenol” so Baba planned to (and did) pick some up that night on his way back from class. I was hoping I could get it down without that… and I did. The onion trick does work lol.

Unfortunately we still needed to give him the meds because even with the fever gone it was obvious there was still something wrong. Our happy baby was miserable. Cried and cried. We’d touch him and he’d cry harder… would settle down a bit and then we’d move a hand or touch a new spot and it’d start all over again. It was awful. So about as soon as he came in with the meds I gave him a dose. Very quickly after that he stopped crying and started smiling again.

Then yesterday he woke up and his fever was back. We put more onions and did the meds too… fever came down. A few hours later it was back, but a lot lower. No it was more than a few hours because it was a few past when I could tech give him more meds (but hadn’t since he seemed better).  Repeated what I’d done before… fever down. Then when Baba got home last night (worked late) we noticed he was warm again… took his temp and it was up to 102 and scared the living daylights out of me. Meds, onions and nursed him. Obviously was doing that throughout yesterday but he wasn’t asking any more than normal (though more than the day before) and last night was all he wanted to do. We woke up at 3 to repeat all that again despite his fever being down to almost normal. Woke up this morning to it being up again (not as high as last night).

Yes Mama is worried.

His fever is down again right now though… Right at 98.6 I’m trying not to either assume it’ll stay down (after I’ve done that several times the past day and proven wrong) or freak out about it. If its not staying down by tonight he’s headed back to the dr in the morning.

And of course (you know me) I got online at one point and freaked myself out by reading BabyCenter. I swear that place is almost as bad as the What to Expect book about making people worry lol. Yet I still use it for stuff (BabyCenter that is.. not the other).  I did get on Mothering Magazine’s website a few min later though and that calmed me down a lot.. Had info I already knew and was more reassuring.

Anyways… Pray, cross fingers, good thoughts, whatever… that Zavier is over this mess.  I feel so bad for him.


6 thoughts on “Fevers & Such

  1. deltaflute says:

    Oh definitely prayers. It’s so scary when they don’t do well with a vaccine. I hope that the cycle stops so that you don’t have to see the pediatrician. Mine says to call after three days so I assume that yours has a similar policy. Much love and hugs being sent your way.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Thanks. Honestly I can’t remember. I’m that frazzled lol… its when it made since for us to go. We’ve literally never had this problem before… Kalila never reacted to a shot in any way… and rarely had fevers. I can count the times she’s had one on one hand. The first time she was younger than Zavier and we took her in pretty much right away, but she had an ear infection (and was obvious it was something like that before we went in). Poor Zavier other than being congested has had no other symptoms (well threw up one more time on me today.. but was worked up when he did it) and was checked over right before it happened. I’m sure he’s gonna be fine… temp is still down 🙂 As I feel the need to go double check that lol.

  2. Deborah says:

    Poor thing! I hope he gets completely better very soon!

  3. Stacy says:

    How scary! I have been terrified every time Layla got a fever and her 1st was at 9mos. I don’t blame you being scared and worried with poor little Z. I really hope everything will be ok after today.

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