Labor Day

Oh to have pictures…

I feel like I should apologize for not having any… and for a few other things too. Kinda silly I guess, but still.

We really did have a good weekend. Yesterday we went over to one of Baba’s aunts houses and spent time w/ family. It was a lot of fun. Zavier was his happy self. Kalila… had a blast. Threw her first fit in front of family lol. I’m laughing because, not only had it never happened before (I was shocked when she yelled at her Sito) but also because it was so short and nowhere near what I’ve dealt with here. I don’t know if I did a better job ignoring her during it or what, but it literally lasted a minute or two… Other than that she did great though. Went swimming with her cousins, chased them around, just had fun.

Today… I think I need to thank a friend for distracting me lol. I got asked for car seat info and researching that helped keep me from getting too depressed today. I actually missed the whole telethon too. Baba brought it up a min ago and it made me sad for a sec… but glad he did because we needed to talk about when we could manage it. Hoping Emily still has her page up on Thursday when we get paid.. if not I’m making a trip by MDA’s main page and doing it there.  On top of all that looking up her stuff helped me find out some very important information that I needed. So very very grateful.

Which brings to mind… I have a new Swagbucks goal.  I only have $10 in Amazon cards right now (thanks to a potty seat lol ), but I need about $50 more (so 3600 sb)… Thankfully I do have plenty of research to do online right now lol.  Baba just gave me some more to do too.  Plus I’m about 100 points away from a $5 card on a survey site too, so that might play into it too. I’ll get into the why’s of that later.

And we’re about to have a very late dinner… Ribs. Mmmm… So I’m off lol.


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