FB – Round 2

Not kidding about keeping up with these… I don’t want to lose some of them and they will unless I put them down somewhere like here.  I’ve been trying to post this since Friday… so apologies for it being so long lol. Is like 2 full weeks worth or so now lol.

Taking out laundry and Kalila opened the back door and ordered me inside lol. Said, “I opened the door and I want you inside!” No arguments… its hot out there!

so cute watching this chubby 15 week old wink at me… can’t believe he’s almost 4 months old! (or that he’s winking lol)

Didn’t expect to explain pesticides to an (almost) three year old today….

lovely… I just burned the beans. Badly. So not happy…

ok so that one’s not so “special” but occasionally I do post something that’s not about the kids 😉 lol.


self explanatory. But I saw 3 in less than 10 min…

Just took some pics of Zavier in his Baptism gown (will post later) and Kalila asked “Is that Zavier’s princess dress?” I said no and she said “It looks like one!” – Yes I laughed.

Kalila’s maraca is tired… She just gave it a pillow and a blanket and tucked it in lol. She’s been doing that w/ all her toys lately… and a few of the cats toys too.

Then in comments:

LOL yeah. Thankfully Kalila leaves their “head” out. After I posted this she tucked in her toes. Not even kidding. I asked if she was tired and she said no, just her toes.

Yup. I definitely like Jas’ new schedule… He worked late tonight and is still already on his way home 🙂

Lets see… Today Kalila decided her uncles head was healed with sticky tape (my bed jumping lecture fell flat after that), managed to “spill” her glass of water over her head (still trying to figure that one out) and cried over Gido leaving. Zavier was caught scooting around in his pack n play and saying something tha…t sounded suspiciously like mama but I know it wasn’t lol.

It was… He’s said it several times since 🙂 Has said Baba now too…  usually when he’s wanting to be picked up. I think he’s figured out it gets our attention lol.

Excited… comforter set for 60% off plus $10 off code plus 2 giftcards from Christmas = only paying shipping and tax for it. The one we have is falling apart and our lovely sewing machine that keeps coming up with more and more parts missing means its not getting fixed… so this makes me very very happy lol.

very excited about this weekend… Jas is off for 3 days (starting tomorrow that is), Zavier’s Baptism, the BBQ, and then Zavier’s 4 month appointment first thing Monday. Still have a lot to do before, but still 😀

And the fit throwing has now begun….

Trying so hard not to let the stupid phone call this morning get to me, ruin my day… but no. That was just the beginning. Today has definitely gone downhill from there. And I didn’t think it could…

Kalila’s finally asleep… I’m breaking out the secret stash of Oreos now…

ROFL.. Just heard Kalila from the other room – “I scored! Touch guard!”

ARG!!! Kalila snuck outside…

Zavier’s working on his “b”s today lol. So cute…

alright (most of) the pictures are up… Going to bed now. Have to get up early in the morning… Zavier has his 4 month appointment in the morning. How crazy is that?!?!

Appointment went well (post coming later) but poor baby has a fever from the stupid vax. I know he’s gonna be ok, but poor thing sounded so miserable before he went to sleep a min ago.

Looks like Zavier’s fever is coming down… 😀 I was hoping it would
before Jas comes home from class w/ the “tylenol” tonight.

Zavier just smiled for the first time since his appointment this morning…

Kalila decided she just had to have kibbe and cereal for breakfast lol.

Now this one I have to share the comments section too…

  • Darlene –  mmmmmm….kibbe

    Tuesday at 12:21 ·
  • MK – I know… was good. Am cooking the rest in a min. No clue what else we’re gonna eat but that’s ok lol.

    Tuesday at 12:24 ·
  • Keith – at first glance, I thought it said “kibble”. I was concerned to see “mmm” and that you were cooking the rest…

    Tuesday at 20:23 ·
  • Darlene – LOL, keith!!

    Tuesday at 21:28 ·
  • MK –  LOL

Still laughing over the kibble (thanks Keith!)

Got pics of Zavier in his new carseat 😀 So excited… Now we just need to get it in the truck lol.

Anyone know of a carseat recycling place in SA or closer than Round Rock? Having a “lovely” time trying to find the info.

Kalila is convinced her Kai-lan doll died. She just told me that its because her shoe is dirty. :-/

Zavier’s fever is back… and so are the onions lol. No it feels like its coming back down, I hope I’m right.

Going to bed…. and praying Zavier’s fever goes down again 😦

Kalila was telling me what diff things say and I asked what Baba says and she said “Not to worry about onions” – I know exactly where it came from but still random lol.

In case you’re wondering, some fell out of the baby’s sock onto the floor and she got all kinds of upset.. He told her not to worry about it, that we’d take care of it.

Now she’s waving a “wand” at things and saying she’s cleaning… Oh how I wish it were that easy lol.

Fever is gone and Zavier is back to his normal bubbly self. Is sitting in my lap now talking away lol.

LOL Zavier’s sitting in my lap and keeps grabbing my arm when I reach for the icecream then watches the spoon like he thinks he’s gonna get some. Sorry Bud!

Jas is never gonna let me hear the end of this… caught me playing a stupid game on here so I could get swagbucks lol.

oxi clean and bare hands not such a great idea….

Listening to Kalila scream (from time out) I wanna listen to you, I wanna listen to you.. It’d be funny if it wasn’t giving me a headache lol.

Has it really only been 15 min since I posted that? Time out ended in massive meltdown mode that hasn’t stopped. I’m surprised my FIL hasn’t come over to make sure nothings wrong.

Or ya know neighbors calling the cops or something crazy like that. Seriously it was that bad.

Zavier is sitting here tickling Kalila’s feet…

LOL Kalila just told me that Baba’s a giant and is going to get us… I guess she thought I was worried because she followed that up with something about him being a good giant.

What on earth? Jas got me a large coffee drink nini and I laid down after I finished it and slept another… 2 hours? Something like that… Still fuzzy.

Its not just a gold shoe.. its her golden shoe… LOL

Ok.. too cute. Kalila is sitting in her little rocking chair, rocking and nursing her glow worm while humming along with i

She did that again a min ago… told me its her daughter.

Aye Kalila… First she decides to use Baba’s backside for a table and then when he asked me to bring him one of the cokes in his bag she told me to bring two. That got shot down pretty quickly lol.

Why is it that every stinking thing I find geared towards kids w/ Swahili (other than one book we already have) is about Kwanzaa? This is getting old fast.

So Kalila stripped herself naked & ran outside and was dancing in the rain…

50 SB from my next Amazon card… I am going to get it today. Just telling myself that now lol. Forget I don’t have much time I can be online lol… I’m gonna get it.

I did 😀

Oops! I just called Zavier Kalila… He laughed.

I know I really should go get the towels off the line… the rain is not getting any lighter lol.

It was bad… lets just leave it at that.

Ok, sorry about how long this was… I’m setting up a day for them so I can have them but avoid this.  Was planning either Fri or Sat. We’ll see…


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